Why did Becky Lynch miss WWE Superstar Spectacle despite being on the advertised match card? Explaining the reason for the Man’s absence

Last Friday, the WWE Superstar Spectacle was held in Hyderabad, India. The match card had several exciting matches scheduled, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, one of the matches was slightly changed. The match that was slightly changed was between Becky Lynch and Zoey Stark.

This whole incident happened because Lynch was restricted from boarding the plane by the airline authority because she had some issues with her passport. Later, Natalya was announced to replace her in the match with Stark.

Becky Lynch misses Superstar Spectacle

The WWE Superstar Spectacle was the second live WWE event in India after almost six years. Female Superstar Becky Lynch, aka The Man, was supposed to be in the event as she was announced to have a match in the latest matchcard. However, The Man recently announced through a tweet on X or Twitter that she would miss the spectacular event, leaving fans heartbroken.

Becky Lynch apologized to all the WWE fans in India who have been eager to get a glimpse of her in the ring. The real reason Becky Lynch was not part of WWE Superstar Spectacle was due to travel issues that she faced at the airport. Qatar Airways has restricted her from onboarding the flight to India due to a tiny tear in her passport. Due to their strict protocols, the airlines did not approve her passport. The Man posted this and informed her fans on Twitter or X.

“I’m sorry to all the fans in Hyderabad, India. I was so excited to perform for you – but as there was a tiny tear in my passport l have not been allowed to board my flight. 😔
@qatarairways” wrote Becky Lynch.

Lynch tagging the official X handle of Qatar Airways shows the legitimacy of the reasons behind her missing the flight to India. The Man also revealed that she was excited to be in Hyderabad and expressed her sorrow for not being able to be a part of it.

Natalya worked in two separate matches to cover for Lynch

WWE female superstar Natalya has given an amazing performance in WWE Superstar Spectacle. She battled in two matches and got the appreciation from the fans. The first match, Natalya vs. Zoey Stark match was announced Natalya replaced Becky Lynch who couldn’t come to India.

Becky Lynch was about to have a match with Zoey Stark, but things didn’t go as planned. Both Natalya and Zoey showcased their dominance with back-to-back strikes. Zoey took control at the initial phase of the match as Natalya fought back. Natalya defeated Zoey Stark by pinfall by roll down. This was a namesake match, which hardly had any great moves.

However, In the second match, Natalya initiated the fight, and the momentum was soon turned towards Rhea Ripley. Natalya took a little advantage as she tried to spear Rhea through the ramp but instead hit herself on the ring post which broke her progress. Rhea then landed the German Suplex on Natalya. Rhea Ripley then dominated Natalya as she broke the sharpshooter and hit Natalya with the Riptide to secure the victory.

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