Why did Solo Sikoa delete his Twitter account?

Solo Sikoa made the decision to take a break from social media engagement, a rarity among WWE Superstars. Known as “The Enforcer of The Bloodline,” Sikoa typically embodies strength when protecting his Bloodline teammates.

However, he recently became the target of mean online comments. Despite being a formidable force in the Bloodline, the 30-year-old member faced difficulties when old tweets he didn’t want people to see resurfaced. In response, he took action by deleting his Twitter account.

What is the reason behind Solo Sikoa’s social media deactivation?

Alongside Roman Reigns in the Bloodline, Solo Sikoa has been making an impression on the main roster by demonstrating his prowess against top challengers. Roman was enticed by Sikoa’s remarkable wrestling skills to name him as the future Tribal Chief of Bloodline. Being the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, he grew up in the wrestling industry.

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In 2021, he made the jump from NXT to the main roster, bringing a fierce attitude reminiscent of legends like Umaga with him. Despite his intimidating demeanor in the ring, the 30-year-old monster is a natural party animal when he’s not wrestling.

Recent social media activity brought to light Solo Sikoa’s 2013 tweets, in which he begged for a lift home from school and voiced his disgust with mathematics. Online replies to his distaste for mathematics sparked widespread trolling.

While an old video became popular a month ago, Sikoa locked his profile. However, ‘The Enforcer’ became sick of being blocked by a large number of users who were harassing him over his old posts, so he made the decision to deactivate his Twitter account totally.

Who will Solo Sikoa feud with next?

Roman Reigns pins AJ Styles to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in a deadly four-way match. As a result of his meddling in the Royal Rumble bout, Bloodline member Solo Sikoa—also known as Roman’s Enforcer—made headlines and later warned Randy Orton. No matter how hard Orton tried, Roman Reigns was able to hold on to his belt, thanks to Sikoa’s monstrous interference.

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After making a triumphant comeback at Survivor Series last year, Randy Orton has been plotting his vengeance against The Bloodline. The fearless mentality of Solo Sikoa was something that Paul Heyman warned Orton about on Instagram before the Royal Rumble event. Soon after Reigns’ win, Sikoa posted an Instagram attack on Orton, paving the way for a possible confrontation between the two.

The continuous mention of Orton and Sikoa’s names suggests a potential showdown in the future. The fact that Orton and Sikoa haven’t clashed in a WWE match since the Royal Rumble implies that they may face off in the wrestling ring.

Which of these two wrestlers do you think will win if WWE sets up a match between them? Leave a comment with your valuable thoughts.

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