Why did Triple H surprise Stephanie McMahon with a half sliced Corvette?

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are one of WWE’s most powerful couples. Being together for almost 20 years, the couple have established their dominance over the company as giants who punished anyone who got in their way. This interesting dynamic made for some very memorable storylines as well. They had several ups and downs in their relationship throughout the years, with the most memorable being Triple H slicing Stephanie’s car in half one time.

Stephanie McMahon became the Co-CEO of WWE in 2022 alongside Nick Khan, following Vince McMahon stepping away from the position of Chairman. Her husband Triple H became the Chief Content Officer of the company and oversaw all creative decisions. However, Stephanie resigned as the co-CEO when Vince McMahon returned to WWE.

Triple H once sliced a Corvette in half to surprise his wife Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were involved in one of the most infamous storylines in WWE, when The Game allegedly drugged McMahon and married her in a wedding chapel. It was later revealed that it was all planned between the two of them, in order to get revenge on Vince McMahon.

Later they were involved in a divorce storyline back in 2002, which saw Hunter gift Stephanie ‘half’ of a Corvette, quite literally. During their divorce proceedings, Stephanie told her husband that she wanted her favorite car, which would be a red Corvette.

Since the split between them called for a 50-50 split in all of their assets, Hunter brought the car over to her. He handed her the keys and told her to ‘Have a nice ride’. However, the only catch in this was that Triple H literally delivered her half of the car since the divorce settlement called for a ’50-50 split’.

In the video which captured this moment, Stephanie could be seen with a shocked expression on her face, as she saw her beloved car sawed smoothly in half. It was a pretty amusing moment, which is worth looking back at to this day.

Triple H warns Logan Paul about wife Stephanie McMahon: “She’ll whoop your a**”

Last year in August, Triple H appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast. His wife Stephanie McMahon and WWE CEO Nick Khan were present off-camera in the studio as well.

During the podcast, Logan Paul said that he wanted to talk about Stephanie and pointed out that she was off camera. In response The Game jokingly warned him about his wife, telling him that she could beat him up and that he himself was scared of her.

“If you want her to whip your a** go ahead I don’t care. I’m scared of her, you should be too. Yeah, let me just say. You’ve been hit hard, her slap will take your eye out of you head, I’m just saying,” said Triple H.

The Game also talked about his family and how it felt working with his wife Stephanie in the same company. He expressed that the couple are now more in love than they were before, and that it was really great for him to be married to his best friend.

WWE has been doing great since last year when Triple H took over the creative department. He is still delivering some awesome matches and driving the company to new heights with his creative decisions. Stay tuned for further updates on WWE.

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