Why did WWE change Humberto Carrillo’s name to Berto?

Humberto Carrillo’s recent rebranding as “Berto” on WWE SmackDown has sparked dissatisfaction among viewers, who are aware of WWE’s history of star name changes. In the past, the practice of changing names was closely associated with the creative impact of Vince McMahon.

However, despite Vince’s departure due to legal concerns, the practice is still carried out by Triple H, who is now in charge of the management of the organization. With no apparent rationale for the move, fans have taken to social media to voice their displeasure, proving that WWE is still in the age of name changes.

WWE name change: Why Humberto Carrillo to Berto?

A recent example of WWE’s penchant for changing wrestlers’ names and gimmicks is the case of SmackDown standout Humberto Carrillo, who is now known as Berto. Changing the names of superstars is nothing new for WWE; this change was made public on the roster website.

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Many of these transformations have been seen by fans, such as Raquel Gonzalez becoming Raquel Rodriguez and Walter becoming Gunther. Humberto changed his name to Berto when he was a member of Legado del Fantasma on SmackDown.

The marketability of wrestlers is affected by their names because of the important role they play in branding and connecting with fans. Since WWE has not provided an official statement on their decision, many are left to speculate and make their own assumptions.

The real-life cousins Humberto and Angel Garza have changed their names a number of times during their careers in WWE. When they first debuted, the pair used their entire names. Later, they switched to shorter versions.

After returning to NXT, they changed it again when they moved to SmackDown. As the latest name change involving Triple H shows, the practice persists under the present leadership, despite criticism leveled against Vince McMahon for it before his departure.

WWE renaming superstars name frustrates wrestling fans

Angel and Humberto worked together on Raw in September 2021. They later moved to NXT and did stories with their grandpa. When they joined Santos Escobar on the main roster in December, the two were first identified as Angel and Humberto on WWE.com.

There were a lot of eyebrows raised by the recent alteration of Carrillo’s name among fans. They were upset by the transition and wanted to know why Vince McMahon’s influence is still there. The decision to include NXT at Royal Rumble is just one example of how Triple H has been praised for his leadership of WWE since last year, but this decision just got a backlash.

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Some fans didn’t like what McMahon did in the past, but Triple H seemed like a good boss until he decided to change Humberto Carrillo’s name. Following Ronda Rousey’s earlier remarks, dissatisfied fans have wondered whether McMahon still has sway behind the scenes in light of the change. This latest change may hurt Humberto’s reputation, even if he has changed his name before.

In your opinion, is it a good idea to change Humberto Carrillo’s name under the main roster again? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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