Why did WWE pick Natalya over Tegan Nox to face Becky Lynch on Raw for the NXT title? Exploring all the reasons

WWE has always been infamous as a promotion in the pro wrestling industry for making last-minute changes to the match card. It was not that long ago when Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus’s SummerSlam match was canceled. Also at the WWE Superstar Spectacle, Lynch was replaced by Natalya to face Rhea Ripley.

However, this time The Man was not replaced by WWE; it was rather her opponent, Tegan Nox. She was replaced by Natalya a few minutes before the opening of Monday Night Raw.

Why did WWE favor Natalya over Tegan Nox to face Becky Lynch?

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, an open challenge NXT Women’s Championship title match took place between Becky Lynch (champion) and Natalya (challenger). However, it was Tegan Nox who was supposed to be the challenger in that match. The Man reportedly lobbied for Tegan Nox to get the spot as the challenger, and Nox’s appearance was in the script of the show until WWE management replaced her with Natalya just ten minutes before the show started.

No specific explanation was given for the sudden replacement, though management has been seeing Natalya with a good eye since she stepped in for Becky Lynch at the “Superstar Spectacle” in India as Lynch was not able to travel to the show due to some issues with her passport.

After getting replaced in that match, Nox was slotted into another match against Xia Li, which was originally scheduled for Natalya. Nox defeated Xia Li in that match.

Becky Lynch defends her NXT title next on No Mercy

WWE No Mercy will be held on September 30 in Bakersfield, California. The match card for the event was recently updated. On that match card, WWE confirmed that Becky Lynch will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Tiffany Stratton.

On last week’s episode of NXT, Stratton lost her NXT Women Championship title to The Man. The former champion of the title was devastated by her loss and desperately wanted to get a rematch shot. With the update of the match card of No Mercy, we can see that her wish has come true.

On the latest episode of NXT, Becky Lynch opened the shoe by flaunting her title, and she also claimed that her “The Man” gimmick has returned to the NXT. Surprisingly, she referred to NXT as “N-BEX-T” which means that she is the core part of the brand.

In the promo, she called Stratton so that Stratton could have a rematch for the title whenever she wanted. That promo gained Stratton’s attention as she appeared and claimed that she wanted her rematch tonight. Sadly, it was all a bluff.

However, she wanted a rematch on a bigger stage like in the NXT No Mercy. After finishing the promo, Becky then invited Stratton to fight her in the ring, but Kiana James emerged from behind and ambushed The Man. Still, Becky Lynch was able to fend them off with a chair.

Who do you think will win between Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton? Let us know your pick in the comment section below!

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