Will AJ Styles attend the 3/29 WWE SmackDown after LA Knight home invasion incident?

AJ Styles has been in an intense feud with ‘The Megastar’ La Knight since he returned on the December 15 episode of SmackDown. Their potential rivalry was in development for a while and during the Elimination Chambers match in February, the ‘Phenomenal One’ attacked Knight with a chair, costing him his title shot at WrestleMania 40.

LA Knight recently invaded AJ Styles’s home and started a brawl in his front yard. WWE fans are now questioning if AJ Styles will attend the 3/29 event of Friday Night SmackDown and address his ongoing issue with ‘The Defiant One’.

AJ Styles doesn’t want to appear on 3/29 SmackDown for one reason

AJ Styles has been sneak-attacking Knight for the past couple of weeks and this has become a norm for the WWE universe. However, that changed not so long ago, after LA visited AJ’s home to make him pay for those brutal assaults. AJ Styles recently addressed SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis on Twitter, saying that as long as LA Knight is out there, he will not attend the 3/29 SmackDown event.

‘The Prince of Phenomenal’ AJ Styles has made it clear that he hates LA Knight for always getting involved with his business. From his title shot against Roman Reigns to his potential match at Elimination Chamber, Knight has always slipped his way into AJ’s path. Finally, during the premium live event in Perth, Styles flew halfway across the world to destroy ‘The Megastar’ with a steel chair and ultimately cost him the World Heavyweight title shot match.

During a Q&A session with Johnjay & Rich: After Words podcast, AJ Styles revealed his thoughts on LA and that he is a piece of human garbage. “I was hiding out because I’m committed to the beating that I was gonna give LA Knight. He’s the reason why I wasn’t in the Elimination Chamber match in the first place. You know what, he’s a turd and he had to pay the price for putting his – getting in my business. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that LA Knight is a piece of human garbage”.

LA Knight was arrested for AJ Styles’s home invasion

In the previous edition of SmackDown Live, AJ Styles was seen being interviewed from his home, and suddenly the segment was interrupted by a loud honking car. Frustrated with the disturbance, AJ came outside to check who it was, and as he came out of the house, he saw ‘The Natural Selection’ LA Knight standing there, which caused the duos to start a fight right there and then.

After a brief clash, the local authorities soon arrived at the scene and they arrested LA Knight for trespassing on a person’s property and attacking a person. This was a step up in their intense rivalry, and fans are anticipating how this may change things in their future confrontations. Both WWE stars are scheduled to fight on WrestleMania 40 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and this fight may finally conclude this conflict once and for all.

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