WWE HOFer spoils Jerry Lawler’s crowning moment at Grizzlies game

Jerry Lawler, also known as Jerry O’Neil Lawler, is famously recognized for his commentary work in WWE alongside Michael Cole. He hasn’t been performing as a full-time commentator since April 2020. His last match took place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on January 21, 2023.

Recently, Lawler was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions to Memphis Wrestling at the Grizzlies game. However, Hall of Famer and AEW star Jeff Jarrett robbed Jerry “The King” Lawler of this honor at the event.

Jerry Lawler robbed of Grizzlies honor

Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett have clashed several times throughout their career. Back in 2018, both stars had a match at a game, where the “El Kabong” Jeff Jarrett hit Jerry “The King” Lawler with a guitar while the referee was distracted. Jeff pinned his opponent to win the match. Since then an invisible feud was going on between them.

A little while back, the game on March 16 saw the Memphis Grizzlies against the Oklahoma City Thunder, where Jerry Lawler, who suffered from a stroke last year, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Championship for his contributions to Memphis Wrestling by Dave Brown and Dustin Starr. However, the “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett suddenly interrupted the happy moment and went on to introduce Satnam Singh, who stole Jerry’s thunder.

Fans were disappointed with Jerret for ruining the celebration and for messing with the Memphis legend. Jeff even provoked the fans more by declaring that he would soon take over Grind City Wrestling and build it into his image.

Jerry Lawler’s last WWE appearance

In 2023, Jerry Lawler was hospitalized after suffering a stroke, which wasn’t his first time being hospitalized. During an interview, he mentioned that he was in rehab three times a week and that his voice was not the same as before. He explained that as he talked, his ability to speak was impaired due to the stroke, but it was slowly recovering, and soon it would return to normal.

Jerry’s last appearance in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was on Monday Night RAW on August 28, 2023, where he briefly appeared at the Memphis arena. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn introduced “The King of Wrestling” as he walked to the ramp and waved at his fans. However, due to being unable to speak properly, he refrained from addressing the fans.

Last week, there were rumors that Jerry Lawler would make an appearance at Friday Night SmackDown on March 15 in Memphis, TN. However, the Hall of Famer was not seen at the event. Some fans still believe that Lawler is still suffering from his ailments and will likely focus on his health for a while longer.

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