WWE legend proposes Liv Morgan joins The Judgment Day to continue her “Revenge Tour” on Rhea Ripley

On Monday night, Liv Morgan was inches away from winning her second world title during the battle royal. But keeping up with the runner-up trend, Liv was eliminated by Becky Lynch, who closed the show holding up the women’s world title. So what’s next for Liv Morgan? A WWE legend has the exact answer to that question.

During the latest episode of “Busted Open Podcast”, Bully Ray explored the idea of what is next for Liv Morgan. Talking to his co-host, Dave LaGreca, the WWE Hall of Famer said, “The planting of the seed of Liv and Dominik I believe is the story that’s going to be told moving forward. Now, maybe it’s the story of Liv is, for lack of a better word, seducing Dominik, making googly eyes at Dominik, wants to be Dominik’s new Mami.” (After 3:10)

He further explained his theory that Liv will use Dom to get into The Judgment Day and will use Dominik to win the women’s championship. With Dominik Mysterio out of action due to injury for an unspecified time, this idea could keep Dominik on WWE TV while furthering Liv Morgan’s storyline with Rhea Ripley.

While the tension is yet to pick up on the screen, the two bitter rivals went at it on social media, keeping the WWE Universe invested in the story.

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley go back and forth on social media

After WWE RAW went off-air, Rhea Ripley took to social media to comment on the crowning of the new champion. In a Twitter post, The Eradicator referred to Liv Morgan as “The forever runner-up”, to which the former “Riott Squad” member replied, “Coming from the forever hypocrite. Keep watching me Mami, I can’t wait to put on a show for you.”

As the former tag team partners wage war on social media, the next destination for Liv Morgan’s “Revenge Tour” is yet to be decided. Only time will tell, whether the destination is the women’s championship or Dominik Mysterio’s heart.


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