WWE superstar Randy Orton once broke in-ring character laughing at The New Day

Randy Orton, portraying one of WWE’s most sinister heels of all time, has entertained fans with his villainous on-screen persona and became one of the most dangerous stars in WWE. Nevertheless, one famous faction once managed to make The Viper break character on live television.

Usually, heels have to maintain their villainous persona on-screen, and it’s understandably harder for them to stay in character all the time compared to babyfaces, who can laugh, smile, and interact with others as much as they want. Conversely, heels typically have to maintain a stern expression. However, heels often break character on live TV to engage with specific segments.

Randy Orton once broke in-ring character laughing at The New Day

On the October 12 edition of Monday Night RAW in 2015, Randy Orton was involved in a segment with Dean Ambrose in the ring. In the middle of their segment, The New Day showed up.The dynamic trio were known for their hilarious antics and could make anybody laugh with their comedy. And in this particular segment, Big E’s antics were enough to make Orton break character and laugh at them.

On the other hand, Dean Ambrose could be seen laughing freely. This clearly highlights the difference between heels and babyfaces, as Orton was a heel at the time. Despite his best efforts to stay in character, The Viper couldn’t help but laugh at The New Day.

This was not the first time that The New Day managed to make The Legend Killer laugh. One time when Randy Orton and Roman Reigns were involved in a heated promo, The New Day showed up and The Viper could be seen vibing and dancing to their theme.

When is Randy Orton coming back to the WWE?

WWE’s resident Legend Killer has been out of action for well over a year now, and fans are patiently awaiting his return. He was written off television after an attack by The Bloodline backstage. This was done because Orton had apparently injured his back and had to undergo lower back fusion surgery.

After Randy Orton underwent surgery, he shared some photos of himself to keep the fans updated on his health. Fans began speculating that The Viper would make his return soon, but those hopes were dashed when news spread that Orton’s doctors had advised him to retire from wrestling altogether to prevent any further serious damage to his health. This left his future with the company up in the air.

However, his father Bob Orton provided us with some sort of an update to The Viper’s condition, stating that despite the doctors’ warnings, he was training hard and preparing to make a return soon. This was backed by a clip shared by a fan on X recently, where Randy Orton could be seen outside WWE’s Performance Center. Clearly, The Legend Killer is training to make his return as soon as possible.

Fans hope to see Randy Orton compete in the ring soon in the coming years before he retires for good. Orton is no doubt a future Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest stars in the world of professional wrestling. We wish that he returns in his best health and provides some more memorable moments to the fans.


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