WWE update: Will Bo Dallas make a comeback on television after the latest teaser?

Bo Dallas joined hands with WWE recently to honor his brother Bray Wyatt’s memories as a wrestler and athlete. Bo Dallas’s last in-ring appearance on WWE TV saw him being attacked by Braun Strowman on the November 15, 2019, episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

A new character named Uncle Howdy emerged during Bray Wyatt’s rivalry with LA Knight. Recently, WWE added fuel to the fire with a tribute video showcasing Wyatt’s signature lamp. The video starts seemingly harmless, but then the figure of Uncle Howdy appears. Speculation has run wild, with many fans believing Uncle Howdy is none other than Bray Wyatt’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas.

WWE drops massive teaser for potential Bo Dallas return

WWE recently honored the memories of Windham Lawrence Rotunda also known as Bray Wyatt during the WWE documentary, Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal. Near the end of the documentary, the silhouette of Uncle Howdy was seen as Bray’s iconic lantern was being shown. Some fans believe that Bo Dallas aka Taylor Michael Rotunda, is the person behind Uncle Howdy’s gimmick.

Although there is no solid evidence behind this claim, some fans still think using Bo Dallas as Wyatt’s associate will help them create a new faction like the Wyatt Family. Unfortunately due to Bray Wyatt’s sudden demise, all plans for the storyline were halted. However, now it seems that the Stamford-based company wants to continue the said story arc and develop it into something new.

According to Fightful Select, “WWE sources have told Fightful it’s a teaser for Bo Dallas’ eventual return. We don’t know when that will be, but that it was a deliberate inclusion. We also haven’t learned what a return could look like as of yet.”

What made WWE decide to release Bo Dallas in 2021?

Bo Dallas began his WWE career at the mere age of 18. At first, Dallas was working in WWE’s developmental brand NXT, where he even won the NXT Championship. In May 2014, Dallas made his first main roster debut, using inspirational vignettes during promos, Bo quickly rose to be a well-known face in the industry. WWE fans always wanted to see the 33-year-old star beside his brother and alongside the Wyatt Family. However, that never came to be as Dallas was released from his contract in 2021, and the reason was never specified.

Near the end of 2022, Bo returned under a new gimmick and fans loved the new enigmatic character. The supposed storyline was for The Feind and Uncle Howdy to team up, creating a new dark faction. But these plans were never executed successfully. Now WWE aims to make Bo Dallas use his new identity to create a storyline comparable to The Fiend.

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