AJ Styles accepts his mistake over one wrong assessment about CM Punk’s WWE return

Many were curious about the reaction of his fellow wrestlers to CM Punk’s 2023 return to WWE at Survivor Series, given that the Best in the World has always been a controversial personality. But Punk caught everyone—even AJ Styles—by surprise.

With Punk’s infamous background and reputation in AEW, the Phenomenal One was worried that tensions may rise in the WWE locker room. But he was surprised to see that the Second City Saint was very different from his expectations.

AJ Styles admits he was wrong about CM Punk

A tidal wave of excitement washed over the Chicago crowd as WWE Survivor Series 2023 welcomed CM Punk back to his hometown. Despite injuries like a torn triceps that he suffered during his return bout at Royal Rumble 2024, Punk has continued to be committed to his WWE career and has made frequent appearances on WWE TV.

There were reports that CM Punk might come back to WWE after being away for almost ten years when he left AEW in September 2023 after the events at All In. Even though AJ Styles has shocked many by revealing that he is almost ready to retire, many still questioned if Punk could have any influence after such a lengthy absence.

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With his remarkable career success, The Phenomenal One has earned a place in wrestling lore as one of the all-time greats. Because of Punk’s alleged actions in AEW, Styles first feared they would have a falling out. But after his debut at WWE World, Styles confessed his error and stated his willingness to wrestle Punk in the future.

Speaking at the WWE World event, the 46-year-old emphasized, “Past performance predicts future behavior, right? Some over at AEW are my best friends. Love ’em, trust ’em, know ’em. I was expecting a problem when he came here and I was wrong. The guy looks like he is happy to be here. He looks like the guy that I want to step in the ring with and tear the house down with.”

Showing no mercy for his injuries, CM Punk is determined to make an appearance at WrestleMania 40. He has decided to remain and offer commentary for Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre’s heavyweight title bout instead of backing out from the shows of the Immortals.

CM Punk discusses his WrestleMania 40 involvement

CM Punk missed a big bout at WrestleMania 40 due to a torn triceps, and he is currently nursing the injury. But even though he’s injured, he’s still a part of WWE’s biggest event of the year, just in an alternate role. Punk’s choice to commentate on WrestleMania at the Raw show on March 25 in his hometown of Chicago lends an individual touch to the bout because of his past interactions with both Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre.

During an interview with The MMA Hour, CM Punk discussed his injuries and his will to compete at WrestleMania. Nevertheless, he did recognize WWE’s care for him and their suggestion to rest. When questioned about his physical ability to participate, Punk acknowledged that he had followed the company’s advice and was focusing on getting well.

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Former MMA fighter said, “They are protecting me against myself, which is a welcome change. I’m the one trying to push everything based on protocols for a ruptured tricep tendon. They’re telling me to pump the brakes. I’m sitting back and listening to them as best I can.”

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