Anthony Edwards bears Timberwolves turnover blame, addressing crucial free throw miss: “Got to look in the mirror”

Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Anthony Edwards is considered to be one of the best young talents in the league and is often compared to the legendary Michael Jordan by many basketball experts for his ferocity and ability to attack the basket at his own will.

Earlier today, the Timberwolves fell short of their target and lost to the OKC Thunder in a battle of the top two seeds of the Western Conference. While the loss did not make any significant damage in the standings, it affected the morale of the Wolves, especially Anthony Edwards who accepted responsibility for his part in the team’s defeat.

Anthony Edwards shoulders blame for Timberwolves turnover issue

Following the Wolves’ loss which was plagued with numerous turnovers, young star Anthony Edwards took the blame without any hesitance.

As the Thunder ended their victorious night with eight turnovers, the Wolves had almost triple the turnovers and ended the game with 21 turnovers. Of the 21 turnovers, Edwards had a team-high five turnovers which played a crucial part in making the game much easier for the very aggressive-minded Thunder players.

Anthony Edwards
Edwards accepted responsibility for the Wolves’ loss via Getty Images

While Edwards and the Wolves struggled to get into their rhythm, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Co. had no issues to find their spots and got into a groove right from the beginning. Scoring 33 points, SGA shot 10 of 22 from the field while teammate Jalen Williams sank three clutch free-throws to seal the deal and steal the game away from the no.1 team in the Western Conference.

Speaking on his rate of turnovers, Edwards accepted responsibility and promised to improve, saying, “I got to look in the mirror. Because it’s me who generates most of the turnovers. You got to look in the mirror.”

Anthony Edwards
Edwards had a game-high 5 turnovers via Associated Press

“I’m gonna figure out a way to stop turning the b—h over, I promise. I’m definitely looking at film trying to figure out what am I doing? The majority come from me trying to make the right play. It’s not really there. I’ll be better,” said Edwards speaking like a true professional at the young age of 22.

The game went down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter when both teams kept going back and forth, leaving no opportunity for the other side. Eventually, capitalizing on Edwards’ foul forced out of frustration, Williams went up to the line to complete the job.

Anthony Edwards talks on miss free throws against OKC Thunder

While Anthony Edwards’ turnovers were disappointing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the young superstar missed his free-throws with seconds to go in the final quarter of the game, free-throws that could’ve ultimately changed the outcome of the game.

Anthony Edwards
The youngster spoke to the press with great professionalism via USA Today Sports

With five seconds to go and the Wolves down by three, Edwards received the ball and attempted a shot from behind the arc, a shot attempt which he was fouled on. The star missed his first two free-throws and intentionally missed the last throw with the hope that he would be able to get the ball in a better position of scoring. However, in his desperate attempt, the ball did not touch the rim which resulted in a turnover and the ball went into the hands of the Thunder.

Soon after, Edwards committed a similar foul which gifted Jalen Williams three shots from the line, all of which he converted with ease. However, Edwards did not seem too caught up in the missed free-throws considering the probability but promised and exclaimed with confidence that he would make them the next time.

Anthony Edwards
The young star missed crucial free-throws towards the end of the game via Getty Images

Speaking on missed shots, Edwards said,”Make them, miss them, I wasn’t really disappointed in that. Either I was going to make them or miss them, it don’t really matter. I missed them tonight, but I’ll make them next time.” The 22-year-old ended the night with 19 points shooting 60% from the field.

This is just a hump in the road for the Timberwolves who have been exceptionally dominant throughout the season with the defensive presence of Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns combined with the electric energy of Anthony Edwards and the trio will aim to bring the NBA championship back to Minnesota for the first time ever this season.

What are your thoughts on the Minnesota Timberwolves? Do you think they will be able to lift the championship? We are eager to know your thoughts on Anthony Edwards and the Wolves, so feel free to comment below.

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