Is Jimmy Uso’s wife, Naomi, aka Trinity, returning to WWE after the TNA exit? Exploring possibility

Trinity Fatu, previously known as Naomi in the WWE Universe, has recently been a part of the TNA Knockouts division. However, reports are suggesting that she has left the promotion. As a former Knockouts Champion, Trinity feels honored and privileged to have been a part of the division.

Fatu is expected to make a swift return to WWE after finishing with TNA. Naomi walked out of WWE along with Sasha Banks in 2022 because of creative differences. Although it was expected that she would return to WWE for the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble 2024 match.

Is Naomi returning to the WWE?

Naomi, also known as Trinity Fatu, is currently generating a lot of buzz in the professional wrestling world. It is reported that she will return to the WWE Universe after fulfilling her obligations with TNA Wrestling. There is also speculation that she may not be returning alone, as she could potentially be bringing back a former champion with her.

The superstar in question is Trinity’s former colleague from the stable, Tamina. Trinity and Tamina were part of the powerful faction, Team B.A.D, led by Mercedes Mone, previously known as Sasha Banks in the WWE. Additionally, both Trinity and Tamina belong to the Anoa’i family.

It’s possible that Naomi could make a comeback to WWE alongside Tamina. This could result in some interesting developments in the women’s division. However, it’s unlikely to happen since Tamina’s current in-ring situation is unclear and she hasn’t appeared on television for a long time. She may have retired from wrestling, but this has not been confirmed.

Details on Naomi’s TNA exit

During the most recent TNA Wrestling tapings, a match was scheduled between Trinity (also known as Naomi) and Gisele Shaw. However, instead of the expected one-on-one match, Trinity teamed up with Jordynne Grace to take on Shaw and Savannah Evans. Previously, at Hard to Kill 2024, Grace defeated Trinity for the championship title in an emotional match. Following the tag-team match, Trinity took the mic to address the audience.

“Coming to TNA has been life-changing for me, both inside and outside the ring. I feel honored to work with such a strong division and an incredible group of women. Wow, what a champion we have here in our hands! [gestures to Jordynne Grace; crowd chants ‘Jordan’] And when all of y’all think of TNA, I want you to think of me. Trini-TNA! Thank you for coming out; we love you!” said Naomi.

Jordynne Grace mentioned that she and Trinity had an amazing match, and even though they were in the ring, the fans were the most important aspect of the show. Grace concluded by saying that they would see everyone tomorrow as they crossed the line, and the crowd chanted “TNA” to close out the show. This was a particularly emotional show for Trinity, whose family was also present at the event.

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