Why is Kevin Scampoli targeting late WWE icon Bray Wyatt and his family?

Kevin Scampoli, one of the top broadcasting personalities, is mostly known for his YouTube podcast. The internet icon has made a name for himself by making controversial comments about other people. Recently, he had started targeting late WWE superstar Bray Wyatt and his wife JoJo Offerman as well as their children.

During his recent show, Scampoli called JoJo Offerman’s husband a “dead fat husband,” after which he started disrespecting the wrestler more by destroying an action figure for The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Fans are outraged by Kevin’s actions and are wondering his reasons behind this.

Who is Kevin Scampoli?

Kevin Scampoli, born on May 24th, 1986, is a renowned podcaster, broadcast personality, and YouTube sensation. He is the owner of several successful YouTube channels, including The Whole F’n Show, Kevin Scampoli Productions, and the paid subscription-based channel, KSP Pizza Club. Kevin is also known for hosting highly successful podcasts such as The Whole F**ing Show (TWFS), Raw’s 4th Hour, Smackdown Live’s 3rd Hour, and WHAR (We Hit and Run).

In 2007, he aired his first official podcast called “We Hit and Run” on July 11th, which is still remembered by many. His style of humor has often been viewed by the public as “controversial” due to its crude and dark nature.

The majority of his podcasts are centered around WWE. He has acquired several nicknames throughout his podcasting career, such as Kelvin Scarpelli, Thuhone, The Guy You Fucked, The Sun, Huge Faggot, Bald Cuckold, Borderline Personality Guy, and The Guy You Fucked Over, among others.

Kevin Scampoli targets Bray Wyatt and his family

YouTube streamer Kevin Scampoli, in his three-hour-long video, talked on different topics, and among them, he criticized Bray Wyatt and his family. Wyatt, who is highly respected and is a potential Hall of Famer, being disrespected by a YouTuber made the fans angry.

Scampoli has made a name for himself by creating controversies whenever he can, now he has switched his target to another level as he brought the late Bray Wyatt, JoJo Offerman, and their children into the controversy.

He has previously joked about different pro wrestling legends, like berating Kayla Braxton with the rape baby trolling. He has gained a bad reputation for such derogatory remarks. He even went as far as to threaten Wyatt’s wife by saying that he would take her children away from her.

“Bo, the sister, JoJo, because you know she’s one of those girls who is drinking herself to death in front of her kids. And we’re gonna put a spotlight on it. It’s still too long to have, what is that thing they call it when pregnant people get sad? So she’s got to smarten up, she can’t have that postpartum anymore. She’s gonna get her kids taken away — that’s what we’re gonna do. Can we get JoJo’s kids taken away? That’ll get us in the news. What if we just take them away? If we take her kids forcibly, then that’s the same as getting them taken away. Keep your eye out for a Chrysler Sebring, if the top is down, you’re in trouble.”

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