Can CM Punk possibly take over WWE NXT? Booker T sets the record straight?

CM Punk is a former WWE superstar who made a highly anticipated return to the company in November 2023, following his departure in 2014 and a stint in AEW. Punk has recently been seen in NXT, WWE’s developmental brand, where he has been engaging with NXT boss Shawn Michaels and providing helpful advice to the young talents.

Punk was also seen multiple times in the WWE Performance center collaborating with the present and upcoming NXT superstars. Recently, the Hall Of Famer Booker T made his opinion regarding the future plan of Punk in the NXT.

How did Booker T respond to the rumors about Punk taking charge of NXT?

NXT Deadline is a special event that took place on December 10, 2023, where Punk showed up and teased that he could sign with NXT. Punk’s surprise appearance at NXT Deadline was a shocking and exciting moment for the fans, as it created a lot of buzz and speculation about his future in WWE.

Booker T, Hall Of Famer and commentator for WWE has opened up regarding the news of Punk’s involvement in the NXT. He said, “They were saying that’s not something that is going to happen anytime soon. That’s something years down the road because Shawn Michaels doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. He was saying, just the way he’s feeling, being around the group and being around the young talent. Knowing what it felt like to be young and hungry like that, wanting to be in a system like that, as well as being a mentor in the system like that”.

CM Punk in WWE
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Punk has been teasing his interest in NXT, as he has been impressed by the talent and the creative freedom of the brand. Therefore, it is unlikely that CM Punk will take over WWE NXT in the near future, but it is possible that he will continue to make appearances and have some influence on the brand.

There is no official confirmation or indication that Punk is planning to take over WWE NXT anytime soon. Punk has signed a full-time contract with WWE and currently in RAW brand and he is going to face Dominik Mysterio in his first match after returning to WWE.

How has CM Punk’s return been in WWE so far?

Punk’s return to WWE has also been a strategic move by the company, as it has been done to boost the ratings and viewership of their shows, as well as to counter the competition from AEW, which has been growing in popularity and quality.

On a recent podcast, former WWE superstar Kevin Nash opened up about the merchandise sale of Punk after his return. Nash said, “I think he did $600,000 worth of merchandise in like the first 24 hours that he came back. I watched SmackDown last Friday because I knew he was gonna be on. That was the reason I watched. I wasn’t gangbusters over his initial interview that he cut”.

CM Punk  in WWE
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Punk’s return to WWE has been beneficial for both him and the company, as he has been able to showcase his talent and charisma in the ring and on the mic, as well as his passion and love for the wrestling business. It is also been a way of satisfying the fans’ demands and expectations, as well as of creating new and exciting storylines and matches for the future.


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