Chad Gable interrupts CM Punk’s in-ring promo after SmackDown goes off the air

On the first night of the WWE Draft on SmackDown, the program’s rosters went through some significant adjustments due to CM Punk’s absence. However, he made a quick promo appearance after the live show concluded, vowing to return to the ring soon with a significant injury update. Suddenly, the segment was abruptly interrupted by a prominent heel faction of WWE, the Alpha Academy.

While SmackDown was off the air, CM Punk updated fans on his healing process from recovery, saying he wasn’t completely fit just yet but getting closer. On behalf of everyone backstage, he thanked the passionate Cincinnati crowd for their support in the live event. Prior to the sudden appearance of Chad Gable and the Alpha Academy, the atmosphere was filled with genuine emotion.

When all four members of the faction walked up the stairs, the mood got serious. However, only Chad Gable, who leads the group and is a five-time Tag Team Champion, went into the ring to face Punk. Their heated exchange suggested that a fairytale romance may be developing between them. Given Gable’s recent heel transition, this dark piece of the promo might pave the way for interesting future plots.

Before Alpha Academy’s interruption, CM Punk wrapped up the segment by sharing his views on inducting someone into the Hall of Fame, surprising the audience with an unexpected name that drew a positive response from the crowd.

CM Punk advocates for Pete Rose’s induction into MLB Hall of Fame

WWE’s ties with other sports like the NFL and MLB are well-known within the community, and stars and fans alike frequently voice their opinions on various topics. Recently, the Sin City Siant added his voice to the mix by endorsing Pete Rose for induction into the MLB Hall of Fame.

During the recent off-air in-ring SmackDown promo, he said as transcribed ewrestlingnews, “For me, it’s fun watching a lot of the young superstars mixing with the Hall of Famers out here to announce draft picks, but ladies and gentlemen, I am in Cincinnati. If we’re gonna talk about the Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, we’re gonna talk about Pete Rose! I’m going to use my platform to stump this. It’s not really a hot take. Pete Rose belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame!”

What is your take on CM Punk’s Hall of Fame selection? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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