Chris Jericho gets fact-checked by CM Punk’s lawyer over NDA claim

Comments made by CM Punk’s lawyer and former AEW star Chris Jericho brought CM Punk’s conduct in AEW back into the spotlight after his departure from the promotion. Jericho has dropped clues that he would be open to discussing AEW All Out 2022’s backstage specifics if given the chance.

A lot of bad things happened during CM Punk’s two years in AEW, beginning with his fight against Jack Perry at AEW All In and ending with his famous brawl with The Elite at All Out 2022. The controversy surrounding Punk’s time in AEW is intensifying, especially with Chris Jericho’s latest tweet.

CM Punk’s lawyer bursts the bubble of Chris Jericho

The All Out pay-per-view in 2022 featured an actual battle involving CM Punk, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and others backstage. Following the incident, Punk and Ace Steel, represented by Stephen P. New, reached a settlement. Ace Steel, among other officials, signed confidentiality agreements (NDAs) regarding the fight, emphasizing the need for secrecy.

Chris Jericho

Ace Steel’s attorney claims that Lucy Guy, the couple’s wife, surprisingly did not sign the non-disclosure agreement. Chris Jericho took notice of this exemption and tweeted that he is not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), suggesting that specifics of the altercation that took place behind the scenes might be revealed. Ace Steel and CM Punk’s lawyer, Steve New, offered to analyze Jericho’s contract and speculated that the company manual may include an NDA.

CM Punk’s lawyer did not mention Jericho in connection with the signing of the confidential agreement, but Jericho’s prompt without any indication has sparked many questions among fans. Fans are thinking that Jericho may have more to reveal about the lesser-known aspects of the infamous 2022 brawl.

Konnan believes Chris Jericho will return to WWE

Undisputed veteran Chris Jericho has become a significant figure in AEW after dedicating over three decades to professional wrestling. According to Jericho, WWE is “not the place to be,” hence he has no intention of returning there, even if rumors have suggested otherwise.

Chris Jericho
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Former WCW star Konnan claims that Jericho’s AEW agreement is due to expire in 2025, which has sparked speculation about a possible return to WWE. According to rumors, Vince McMahon wanted Jericho out of AEW, but the superstar is happy to stay and intends to leave an indelible mark on the organization.

Konnan said in the podcast, “I gotta [sic] think that there’s maybe a part of Jericho that’s like, ‘Hey, after I’ve done my thing here I would love to,’ probably, ‘Retire in WWE.”

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