Stephen P New names the only person to possibly reveal truth after CM Punk and Ace Steel signed lifelong NDA over AEW backstage altercation

Stephen P New is a lawyer who represented CM Punk and Ace Steel, two former AEW wrestlers who were involved in a backstage fight with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks at AEW All Out 2022. The incident, dubbed “Brawl Out,” led to Punk and Steel’s suspension and eventual departure from AEW.

New confirmed that Punk and Steel signed a lifetime non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regarding the backstage fight, and New also confirmed that there is still one person who can legally reveal the truth about the backstage incident.

CM Punk and Ace Steel sign lifelong NDA contract

On September 20, 2023, CM Punk was fired from AEW due to a backstage brawl. Stephen P New recently revealed on a talk show that Punk and Ace Steel have signed a lifetime non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regarding the fight, meaning that they cannot reveal any details about what happened backstage or why they left AEW.

Punk returned to AEW Collision in June 2023 after suffering a torn biceps in a match last September. After the match last year, Punk engaged in a controversial news conference and then reportedly got into a physical altercation with AEW wrestlers Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega, who are also company executive vice presidents.

CM Punk and Ace Steel
via AEW

However, before their controversial exit, Punk and Steel had a long history of friendship and collaboration in the wrestling industry. Steel was one of Punk’s trainers when he started his career on the independent circuit. They also tagged together as The Hate breed in TNA and worked together in Ring of Honor.

Punk and Steel reunited in AEW in 2022, when Punk returned from injury and challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. Steel was Punk’s ally and mentor during his feud with Moxley.

Punk and Steel are known for being honest, straight-shooters, and loyal friends in the wrestling business. New also praised them as the most stand up guys he ever dealt with. He also said that he respects their privacy and loyalty and that he will not disclose any information that could harm them or their careers.

CM Punk’s lawyer names the only person who can reveal the truth

In an interview with Rip Rogers on Wrestling With Rip Rogers, Punk’s lawyer, Stephen P New, confirmed that the only person who is not subject to a non-disclosure agreement is Steel’s wife, Lucy.

New said, “The only person, and granted she’s not completely objective and unbiased, the only person not subject to a NDA and not subject to confidentiality provisions is Ace’s wife Lucy. Maybe one day she tells the story.”

Steel left AEW in 2023 after the backstage brawl with Jack Perry and Punk at the All In PPV in London. Steel is currently working as a producer for IMPACT/TNA Wrestling, while Punk made his most anticipated return to WWE at the Survivor Series after 10 years.


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