CM Punk eclipses Dwayne Johnson through one specific metric

Similar to other legendary comebacks, including The Rock’s, CM Punk’s entrance into WWE rocked the Stamford promotion to its core. After extended hiatuses, both wrestling greats returned this year. Now that the results are in, it will be interesting to see whose return was more well-received by the audience.

When CM Punk returned to WWE, he immediately began shattering records. His return video had more views than The Rock’s on YouTube, which is quite an accomplishment. The anticipation for CM Punk’s comeback is already high, and this numerical milestone only builds upon it.

CM Punk surpasses Dwayne Johnson in unique fashion

Claiming the limelight away from Dwayne Johnson is an impressive feat, and CM Punk accomplished it. Punk’s latest comeback swiftly eclipsed The Rock’s Friday Night SmackDown return, which generated some interest. After months of rumors and debate, CM Punk finally broke through and became more talked about than The Rock.

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This year witnessed the return of two former WWE stars, The Rock and CM Punk. Even though he hasn’t competed onscreen yet, Punk is already on the WWE RAW roster, thanks to his comeback after Survivor Series 2023.

After a three-year hiatus, The Rock made a triumphant return to SmackDown, where he and Austin Theory entertained the audience with a promotional video. Although both comebacks were thrilling, Punk’s was the more impressive.

The last minutes of Survivor Series 2023 featured CM Punk’s “Best in the World” return, which was both subtle and impactful. Without lifting his voice to the microphone, Punk entered the stadium, studied the crowd, and made an impact. 

A remarkable 7.3 million views were attracted to the two-minute video of Punk’s comeback, which was uploaded to WWE’s YouTube channel three weeks ago, further establishing his influence on the WWE arena.

CM Punk shared his work experience with The Rock

CM Punk and The Rock engaged in a notable but short rivalry, going head-to-head twice. During Punk’s loss of the WWE Championship at the 2013 Royal Rumble, the two met for the first time. The next year, they faced off again at Elimination Chamber, where Punk lost again. The plot may have been brief, but it was a fan-favorite rivalry.

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A meeting between CM Punk and The Rock occurred behind the scenes before their conflict started, as CM Punk revealed. The Rock requested that Punk meet him in his hotel room so they could review their exchange from Monday Night Raw.

With just two other people present besides Rock and his aide Brian Gewirtz, Punk was taken aback when someone presented him with a screenplay. Punk and The Rock discussed their impending confrontation despite the Hollywood atmosphere.

Between CM Punk and The Rock, who do you consider to be the more famous WWE superstar? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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