CM Punk has “zero regrets” about fighting in UFC despite zero wins

After nearly a decade away, CM Punk shocked fans by returning to WWE during the tail-end moments of Survivor Series. His previous conflicts with the corporation came to a close with this move, which opened a new chapter in his career.

But things may have turned out differently for CM Punk if he had been successful in the UFC. Unfortunately, his career in the UFC did not go according to plan. Reflecting on his time in the Octagon, the 45-year-old recently opened up about his UFC experience.

CM Punk talks on UFC run

After parting ways with WWE in 2014, the Second City Saint joined the biggest MMA organization in the world. But he had to wait two years to enter the Octagon. The first mixed martial arts fight that Punk ever had was at UFC 203, which took place eight years ago. Despite his WWE fame, he faced defeat in just over two minutes by Mickey Gall via rear-naked choke submission.

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In 2018, Punk went back into the cage for a second time at UFC 225, but this time he lost by unanimous decision to Mike Jackson. But luckily, when Jackson tested positive for marijuana, the outcome was altered to no contest. 

Now, having returned to WWE at the age of 45, CM Punk is preparing for his first appearance at WrestleMania since 2013. Recently, he looked back on his time in the UFC with no regrets during an interview with The MMA Hour, even though he lost both of his fights.

He said, “I’m glad I did it, zero regrets. I shouldn’t have fought in Chicago, easily the worst two weeks of my life (due to a court case), I couldn’t cut weight properly, I still made weight, I’m proud of myself for that. I’m an ambitious guy. I’m every bit of 215 pounds. My mind was, I could fight at 170 because the dudes at 185 were f*****g beasts.”

Everyone was taken aback when CM Punk shocked everyone by making an unexpected cameo at Survivor Series. WWE had kept his return under wraps, without revealing any deals or plans. During the talk, he revealed that Nick Khan played a crucial role in bringing him back to WWE.

CM Punk claims Nick Khan real reason behind WWE return

CM Punk has long been known as a reliable source of wrestling gossip. Having a difficult ride in AEW, he startled fans by returning to WWE in his birthplace of Chicago in the last year. He was abruptly fired from AEW after a confrontation that occurred backstage.

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There was talk that CM Punk might come back but the details of how CM Punk and WWE reconciled remained a mystery until now. Speaking on “The MMA Hour,” Punk disclosed that talks with WWE started just days before his Survivor Series comeback and it was Nick Khan from WWE who initiated contact with him.

The Best in the World said, “It didn’t get done. I think it was Nick Khan. I think since the day I stepped out, Nick has been trying to draw me back in.”

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