CM Punk shares hilarious snapshot of “two hooligans” Bayley and Sasha Banks sparking rumors of Mercedes Mone’s WWE return

When Mercedes Mone’s contract with NJPW expires in 2024, the wrestling industry is abuzz with speculation about her next move. The former WWE star’s future has become a topic of much discussion, especially after CM Punk posted a photo featuring Banks and Bayley, fueling further debate.

CM Punk’s fans find amusement in his recent social media antics. In response to a picture of Bayley and Sasha Banks at the TNA Hard to Kill event, Punk made a humorous comment, stating that even hooligans get caught when attempting to evade the camera.

CM Punk posts hysterical pic of Bayley and Sasha Banks

At TNA Wrestling’s Hard to Kill event, there were several major contract revisions, which shocked the wrestling world. The spectacle was magnified by the presence of Bayley and Mercedes Mone, and the excitement was further amplified by Dolph Ziggler’s formal signing with TNA.

Damage CTRL’s boss and previous Money in the Bank holder Trinity’s buddy Trinity won the TNA Knockout Women’s Title, hence the event was very meaningful for them. Friend and showgoer Bayley and Banks were there to cheer for their pal.

Mercedes Mone
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There may have been rumors of a return to wrestling due to their attendance at the TNA event, but their friendship and support for Trinity’s career in pro wrestling are still apparent. Mercedes Mone and Bayley might be going to work for different companies, but their friendship was clear at the event.

With a recent Instagram story and a lighthearted remark about Mone and Bayley’s disguise at the Hard to Kill event, CM Punk mockingly teased their look. A hint of mystery is added by punk, who is renowned for hinting at comebacks.

Details on Mercedes Mone’s WWE comeback

Along with Naomi, Mercedes Mone (formerly Sasha Banks) quit WWE in May 2022. Shortly after her signing with New Japan, she won the IWGP Women’s Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 18. A setback in her wrestling career occurred in May 2023 when she suffered an injury. There had been talk of her joining AEW after the NJPW contract expired, but now it seems like that direction has shifted.

Mercedes Mone
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Towards the end of 2023, Mercedes Mone posted images of herself on social media beside WWE posters portraying Triple H and other icons, hinting at a possible comeback to the company. Nevertheless, according to recent reports from Fightful Select, negotiations between WWE and Mone have come to a standstill.

They were negotiating, but they aren’t going anywhere right now because WWE has decided not to move forward. Fans are already wondering what will happen to her after her original NJPW contract expires in July 2024.

In your view, between AEW and WWE, which promotion would be most beneficial for Mercedes Mone? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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