CM Punk to possibly face WWE Hall of Famer in his dream first match

The landscape of WWE has drastically changed since last week. The “Best in the World” CM Punk returned to WWE after a decade at Survivor Series 2023 at Chicago. Punk left WWE in early 2014.

After his return, fans are eagerly anticipating seeing him in a match. There have been various predictions for CM Punk’s next rival, and currently, a report suggests that Punk could have a match with a famous WWE Hall Of Famer.

CM Punk likely to face WWE Hall of Famer in his first match

CM Punk made his most anticipated return to WWE in the Survivor Series 2023 after the War Games match. Punk made his last appearance in WWE at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 26, 2014. He entered the Royal Rumble match at number 23, but was eliminated shortly by Kane. After his elimination, Punk walked out of the arena and left WWE.

After his return, Punk is rumored to feud with many superstars including the Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, and the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Now a recent WWE source confirms that WWE is planning a match for Punk at the grandest stage of them all “Wrestlemania 40”. The dream opponent for Punk is none other than the Texas Rattle Snake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The two men have come close to facing each other several times. In 2011, Punk was scheduled to feud with Austin at WrestleMania 27, but the match was ultimately canceled due to Austin’s injuries. In 2021, Punk and Austin engaged in a war of words on social media, leading to speculation that they would finally lock horns in the ring.

A match between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin would be a dream for many wrestling fans. It would be a clash of titans between two of the best to ever do it. Both men would undoubtedly bring their A-game, and the match would be guaranteed to be a must-see event.

Shawn Michaels is excited about CM Punk’s WWE comeback

Shawn Michaels, WWE Hall of Famer and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, has expressed his happiness and excitement at CM Punk’s return to WWE after a decade.

In a recent interview Shawn said, “Like everybody else; happy, thrilled, Holy Cow. I got asked a couple months ago, ‘if you had a chance to use him, would you?’ Yeah, who wouldn’t? I’m happy for him, I’m happy for the company.”

He also added, “I’m happy for the WWE fanbase, the WWE Universe. Stories like this are always fantastic, even if they’re controversial, that’s part of what makes them fantastic. Unpredictability is just that, unpredictable. That’s why we’ve continued to thrive for 40-plus years.”

Michaels says he can relate to Punk as someone who wasn’t the most popular person backstage but was great at his job in the ring. HBK reiterates that he’s happy for Punk, happy for WWE, and happy for WWE fans. The controversial nature of Punk’s return is part of what makes it so fantastic, in HBK’s view.


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