Cody Rhodes’s wife, Brandi, takes CM Punk’s name off the invitee list for daughter’s birthday party

Brandi Rhodes, the wife of Cody Rhodes, sent a message to CM Punk after he confronted Cody on the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Both stars are set to participate in the upcoming Royal Rumble match and got into a heated exchange during their confrontation in the ring.

Cody criticized Punk for leaving the Stamford-based promotion, claiming that he took the brunt of the fallout from his departure. However, the jab taken by The American Nightmare’s wife was quite unexpected to many WWE fans.

Cody Rhodes’ wife left unimpressed by CM Punk

Brandi Rhodes sent a message to WWE star CM Punk right after his altercation with her husband. The two stars had a heated exchange in the ring. During the confrontation, Cody criticized Punk for leaving WWE and claimed that he was the one who suffered the most consequences as a result.

During a segment, Punk accused Cody Rhodes of being privileged and taking the easy way out. This led to an intense staredown between the two. Later, Cody’s wife, Brandi, took to Twitter to criticize Punk’s behavior and stated that he would not be invited to their daughter’s birthday party.

“I dont think Punk’s coming to Libby’s birthday party this year #NoFriendsInTheRoyalRumble,” wrote Brandi Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes and CM Punk are both among the favorites to win the Royal Rumble

On the January 22 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes engaged in a heated exchange of words during their first face-to-face confrontation. Punk began the promo by reminiscing about Dusty Rhodes and the time when Dusty had called him to inform him about Cody’s arrival at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2007.

Dusty had asked Punk to look after Cody, and Punk expressed his pride in Cody’s journey to becoming a major superstar in recent years. CM Punk changed the topic of discussion while addressing the upcoming Royal Rumble match. He announced that he intends to go back on his promise to Dusty by specifically targeting Cody during the match.

Punk also questioned Cody’s ability to differentiate between business and personal matters. To make a personal connection with the audience, he mentioned that his father worked as an electrician, implying that he represents the true embodiment of the American Dream as opposed to Cody.

Cody took a shot at Punk by referencing his famous pipebomb promo from 2011. Cody accused Punk of not following through on the things he said in that promo and claimed that he had achieved those goals, making him more of a CM Punk than Punk himself.

The conversation ended with Punk implying that he was the one who would take Cody’s place as a bigger star, which left Cody feeling teased. This heated promo segment added intensity to their rivalry, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing showdown in the future.

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