Lola Vice sets the record straight on potential MMA bout in UFC with total dedication to WWE

Lola Vice, formerly known as Valerie Loureda, is an American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who signed with WWE in 2022. She made her WWE debut on the January 27, 2023 episode of NXT Level Up, a show featuring new and upcoming talent.

Vice was signed with Bellator MMA from 2019. After merging of WWE and UFC, the formation of the TKO group, Vice was signed with WWE in the NXT roster. Recently, on an interview Vice voiced her thoughts about the WWE and UFC merger and hinted a possible debut to the UFC.

Lola Vice is open to potential MMA bout in UFC

Vice made her on-screen debut in January 2023, on NXT Level Up, a show featuring new and upcoming talent. Vice attended a WWE tryout and impressed the officials with her athleticism and personality. She signed a contract with WWE and reported to the Performance Center, where she trained under Sara Amato, a former wrestler and coach. In December, she announced that her new ring name would be Lola Vice, a nod to her hometown and attitude.

She lost her first match to Dani Palmer but showed potential and determination. She formed a tag team with Elektra Lopez, another Latina wrestler, and competed in several matches, but failed to win any. In June, Vice turned heel by aligning herself with Lopez and attacking their opponents. The duo became known for their flashy outfits, fiery promos, and ruthless tactics.

In September, Vice entered the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, a competition for new female wrestlers to earn a title opportunity. She defeated Palmer in the first round, avenging her earlier loss. She then beat Karmen Petrovic in the semifinals, showcasing her improved wrestling skills. Vice won the match and the tournament, earning a contract for an NXT Women’s Championship match at any time of her choosing.

Vice was then questioned if she would be open to working with UFC, considering WWE’s position in TKO. She said, “I have mixed thoughts about that because right now, I’m very committed to being the best wrestler or superstar in the history of WWE. I’m a big believer that you have to stick to one path and commit to that, and you can’t really do two, three, four, and then just be okay in all of them”.

Vice is not new to MMA. She joined American Top Team, a renowned MMA gym, and made her professional debut in 2019. She won her first three fights by knockout or decision, earning praise for her striking skills and charisma. It will be great if WWE allow Vice to participate in a match in the UFC.

Lola Vice is entirely dedicated to WWE

Lola Vice is a rising star in WWE, with a unique background and style. She combines her MMA experience with her wrestling training to create a versatile and exciting offense. She is also a charismatic and confident performer, who can captivate the audience with her words and actions.

On the same interview, Vice said, “If I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna be the best at it. Maybe that’s in my cards in a while, if Hunter wants me to do it. Whoever my boss is, I will do what they want, and of course, I’ll be open to it. I love fighting. But right now, I’m completely dedicated to the WWE, and that’s my only goal”.

Lola Vice in WWE
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Vice has a golden opportunity to challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship, which is currently held by Raquel Gonzalez, a dominant and powerful champion. Vice has stated that she is not afraid of Gonzalez, and that she will prove herself as the best wrestler in NXT. She is ready to make history and become the first Cuban-American woman to hold the NXT Women’s Championship.

Lola Vice’s athleticism, charisma, and Latin flair have captured the hearts of fans, and her future in WWE is full of promise. She is an inspiration to young Latinas and an advocate for female empowerment, and her journey is sure to be one that will captivate audiences for years to come.


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