Despite outshining Seth Rollins by 24 wins, Cody Rhodes showers “MVP” praise on bitter rival

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins respect and admire each other’s work despite their strained personal connection. There has been talk of a possible major match between Rollins and CM Punk, as Rollins generated tremendous heat after Punk’s return to WWE and is now reportedly set to extend his contract with the company. 

Besides, Rhodes has shown himself to be one of the most important assets to the organization in 2023 with his outstanding performances, interesting plots, and significant wins. The fact that Cody has nominated Seth Rollins for WWE’s Most Valuable Wrestler for 2023 is evidence of the admiration and friendship between the two stars.

Seth Rollins receives Cody Rhodes’ praise

Quite a few superstars had breakout years in 2023. While Roman Reigns remained undefeated as champion, Gunther established a new record for the lengthiest tenure as Intercontinental Champion, and Rhea Ripley dominated the women’s division, finishing first in the Royal Rumble.

Shawn Michaels shocked everyone in early December when he announced Dominik Mysterio as his 2023 MVP, complimenting his Ironman mentality and his contributions to NXT. Cody Rhodes had a different take on this decision when pushed for an opinion.

While Cody and Seth Rollins aren’t exactly buddies, they do respect each other, according to Cody, who made a triumphant comeback to WWE in 2022 during a legendary rivalry between the two. Cody decided to sing Seth Rollins’ praises for his stellar year as WWE World Heavyweight Champion on Raw, even though he won 103 matches this year which is 24 matches more than The Visionary.

He said on the Michael Kay Show, ”I’m not gonna say myself, somebody else hopefully will say me, but I’d say Seth Rollins, World Heavyweight Champion is probably more of the MVP.”

Rollins reaches new milestone as Champion

As the 2023 World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins has been the face of WWE Raw and is generally considered the company’s workhorse. He started his career by proving his mettle as a fighting champion by beating AJ Styles at Night of Champions.

Seth Rollins
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Rollins has done an outstanding job defending his championship against elite challengers including Shinsuke Nakamura, Damian Priest, Drew McIntyre, and Jey Uso. He has reached a major milestone in his remarkable championship reign, which now stands at 212 days and counting. He will defend his title against Drew McIntyre at WWE DAY 1, and he has already surpassed the 200-day barrier.

Rollins has shown once again why he is highly regarded as one of the top WWE Superstars. Do you think it’s a great example of the visionary’s success? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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