Despite taking pole, Lewis Hamilton succumbs in Hungary with fans blaming Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton is arguably the most successful driver in the sport of Formula 1. He started his F1 career in 2007 with McLaren, alongside two-time world champion Fernando Alonso. Lewis finished his first year in P2 on the WDC table but missed out on P1 by one point. He went on to win a world championship the next year.

Lewis has won six of his titles with Mercedes-Benz every season from 2014 to 2020, with 2016 being an exception. Back in 2014 and 2015, there was an intense rivalry between him and his teammate Nico Rosberg. He won the 2016 championship and retired from the sport. Since then, he has been pursuing his YouTube channel and is in the F1 media industry too.

Mercedes fans slam Nico Rosberg for jinxing Hamilton

If one has followed F1 for a while, one knows that the rivalry between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton was one of the most bleak and brutal ones out there in the sport. Years ahead of their clash and heated battle, the fans are still divided upon their opinion and amidst this kerfuffle, Nico Rosberg posted a picture standing outside the Mercedes garage ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Nico Rosberg

Due to this rivalry, Mercedes fans came pouring down on the comment section of this post after the race, as Lewis didn’t even finish on the podium. Lewis fans accused Nico of jinxing the race by posting the picture online. The fans call it the “Nico curse”. It’s noticed that if Nico endorses anyone in any sport, be it F1, tennis, or even football, they tend to suffer bad luck and lose. It’s even true for the Hungarian GP, as he posted a photo in front of the Red Bull garage on Saturday, which turned out to be not the best qualifying for Max.

The comments that were posted felt to be in a sarcastic tone with no hate. Some of the comments said that for him to ‘delete the post’, and some said ‘it’s over for Mercedes’.

Lewis Hamilton claimed the pole for the first time since 2021

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes haven’t been able to completely recover from the 2021 season and come back to their former glory. Mercedes are on the right track, but Lewis believes they need to tighten up. Lewis surprised everyone by taking the pole on Saturday, even though the margin was negligible. Since this was Lewis’s first pole since 2021 in Saudi Arabia, Lewis fans were on cloud nine on Saturday, but this was short-lived as Max had a better reaction time than Lewis, which resulted in him losing his position by the end of the first corner. In the end, Lewis crossed the line in P4 behind Red Bull driver Sergio Perez.

Although Lewis has a golden career against his name and is often considered among the all-time greats of the sport, his future within the circuit is under review. Although he is not ready to leave the cockpit, the rapid pace of this revolutionary sport seems to be getting to him. As the sands of time slowly slip through his career, the Brit would be on the lookout to pursue various other ambitions in his life, fashion being one of the avenues. Nonetheless, his presence in the circuit does light up the weekends in more ways than one!




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