Formula E CEO targets Max Verstappen to raise viewership following $250,000 bet

With its roaring engines and intense on-track battles, Formula One is the pinnacle of competition in the motorsports world. However, the introduction of Formula E presents a formidable challenge to its supremacy.

Formula E prioritizes enhancing entertainment value for audiences, diverging from Formula One’s traditional focus on the pure sport where victories by drivers like Max Verstappen are assured every time.

Formula E aims to differentiate from Max Verstappen-dominated F1

Since the start of the 2024 campaign, Max Verstappen has once again dominated the first two opening Grand Prix events by having a completely predictable win on the grid. The Dutch driver had previously won his third title last year by clinching victory in 19 out of 22 races held, making the sport incredibly predictable for the spectators. Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds has recently made a statement, drawing comparisons to the unpredictability and thrill of the sport.

He stated firmly, “We are very focused on maintaining our great competitive nature. I know that I have made a bet recently, in which you have seen a certain victory for Max Verstappen, on how sure I am that he will win the World Cup this year.” 

However, Formula E has truly captured the attention of the spectators due to the introduction of thrills and unpredictability in each race, heightening the excitement of the enthusiasts. In their current season, the sport has witnessed completely different winners in all three races, unlike Formula One, where Max Verstappen has dominated the sport since his debut.

Formula E CEO drops unique bet on Max Verstappen

Formula E boss Jeff Dodds has also made a sudden declaration of assurance to pay $250,000 to charity if Red Bull’s main driver, Max Verstappen, is unable to win a fourth successive Formula One title this season.

The main reason behind this move is the acknowledgement of Red Bull’s unbeatable skills, with the assistance of the three-time World Champion on the paddock. In an interview, Dodds has sarcastically commented, “Unless he’s injured or something crazy happens, 99% of the time he [Verstappen] gets that trophy,” subtly expressing the reasoning behind his unique bet

“It wouldn’t be the worst day in the office to give a load of money to charity. But he is nailed on winning that season.”

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