F1 star Lewis Hamilton shares playful update amidst Shakira dating speculations

Lewis Hamilton’s dating life and history have seen many celebrities come and go, some of which were strong rumors, some of which were substantiated. Names like Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, and even Rihanna have been associated with the 7-time world champion. However, the latest gossip flooding the gates of Formula 1’s social media community has been his association with popular singer and pop star Shakira.

Meanwhile, Lewis seems ignorant of all this. Amidst all this speculation surrounding his love life, the Mercedes head racer recently shared a hilarious update on one of the other aspects of his life, seemingly in an attempt to calm all the buzz.

Hamilton shares update on Roscoe’s promise on skateboard

Lewis recently shared his dog Roscoe’s skateboarding progress via Twitter in response to a fan’s tweet. The fan requested for an update on Roscoe’s skateboarding journey to which Lewis replied sarcastically, “he’s close to going pro.”

This update comes after a social media hiatus Lewis took during the summer break, broken only for the purpose of documenting Roscoe’s skateboarding journey! Soon after this tweet, @rosbergcore on Twitter replied inquiring if Roscoe knew any tricks. To this, all the Mercedes star had to say was “Ya.”

Almost as if on cue to disappear again, Lewis announced the resumption of his hiatus simply with a tweet that read “talk later.”

Amidst this hiatus, however, speculation regarding Lewis’ relationship with Shakira has been growing further, after their recent rendezvous at Ibiza.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton spark speculation with Ibiza meet up

Pop star Shakira has been spotted at multiple F1 events this season, fuelling the rumors going around that Lewis and she are romantically involved with one another. The rumblings got stronger when they were spotted together looking cozy on a Miami boat trip and dinner earlier this May. Shakira had only just separated from football star Gerard Piquet at that time.

Lewis Hamilton

Jodi Martin, a journalist well acquainted with Shakira has recently spoken on these rumours.  Denying allegations from a Catalan newspaper that Lewis is growing tired of Shakira’s attitude, the journalist had this to say:

“I can categorically deny this information because I have spoken to Shakira’s entourage and they confirm that between Shakira and Hamilton, there has always been a beautiful friendship. And that, between them there has been something more than friendship.”

Additionally, paparazzi have reported spotting the pair multiple times at Shakira’s Ibiza villa. Paparazzo Sergio Garrido added, “When the workers left, the singer stayed alone with her private escort and received a visit from Hamilton.”

Do you think Lewis and Shakira are the ‘real deal’ or is this all being blown out of proportion? Is the growing speculation surrounding his social media hiatus perhaps related to this? Comment on what you think down below!

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