“Lots of drivers haven’t survived”: Sergio Perez reveals why life in Red Bull is difficult to sustain

Max Verstappen currently stands as one of the most competitive and skilled drivers on the grid, playing an important role in elevating Red Bull as the most dominant team in the F1 industry. Singlehandedly, he has secured the title of the three-time World Champion.

However, as disclosed by his current teammate Sergio Perez, working alongside Verstappen and keeping pace with his performance is not an easy task.

Sergio Perez discusses pressure in Red Bull

Red Bull is extremely selective in choosing a potential partner for Max Verstappen, given the challenge of keeping up with the pace and performance of the Dutch sensation over the course of a single campaign. Verstappen’s current teammate, Sergio Perez, has been with the team for three years now, grappling with the task of matching the Dutch driver’s level of performance.

Last year, Checo also voiced his severe mental struggles due to the consistent pressure from the team to enhance his driving skills beyond his capacity. The Spanish driver’s current contract ends at the conclusion of this year, adding uncertainty to his driving career as he is behind his teammate by many points, despite securing second place in the standings.

During an appearance on the Beyond the Grid Podcast, Perez firmly said, “But at Red Bull, it certainly has changed a bit. I mean, there’s a reason why lots of drivers haven’t survived, because the amount of pressure, the amount of focus on yourself, they don’t measure the same, all the teams – I feel like how they measure at Red Bull is different to any anyone else.”

16 drivers interested in Red Bull 2025 seat, according to Christian Horner

With the conclusion of Perez’s contract, many are speculating about who will become Verstappen’s next potential partner in the 2025 campaign. Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, has been closely monitoring the ongoing speculation about the team’s next main driver, further fueling the rumors with his statements in interviews.

He said, “We have a phenomenal car. We’ve got one seat open for next year. I’ve probably got 16 drivers who are desperate to be in that car for next year. And Checo is in pole position. It’s his seat to lose.”

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