F1 sensation Oliver Bearman once failed driving test on a traffic light fault during Formula 3

Oliver Bearman has unquestionably become a popular figure in the industry with his recent standout performances, including stepping in for Carlos Sainz at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and filling in for the Spanish driver, who was sidelined due to illness.

However, the British driver has encountered a significant setback in his career, despite receiving consistent praise, by failing a recent driver’s test.

Oliver Bearman’s failed driving test comes to light

Oliver Bearman made a remarkable F1 debut at the Saudi Arabian GP, despite being just 18 years old and a rookie. The British driver earned praise from significant figures in Formula One for his calm and effective strategies during racing at one of the most challenging circuits, engaging in heated battles with the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

At the end of the race, despite missing Q2 by only a split second, the driver secured a seventh-place finish on the grid, a feat that even more experienced drivers couldn’t achieve. Due to his smooth driving capabilities, many teams were also considering hiring him as their main driver for the next season. However, Bearman recently faced a setback by failing his driving test, as revealed by David Currey, whom he had hired for a two-hour lesson before the test, paying $45.

Currey stated, “We did the lesson in his BMW. I felt totally safe, even though I didn’t have my foot controls. He had failed his test before on a traffic-light fault. I am not sure if it was for running an amber. Maybe he didn’t stop. Or it could have been how he was positioned at the lights. When he failed, he was a bit like, ‘What the hell?” I mean, he has been driving since a kid.”

Will Oliver Bearman have a Ferrari seat in 2025?

Before the start of the Saudi Arabian GP, Fred Vasseur was skeptical about Bearman’s capabilities. However, after witnessing his marvellous performance, the 55-year-old was severely impressed by his performance.

On the other hand, Bearman has also openly expressed his desire to race in Formula One cars soon, signifying the importance of his childhood dream.

Oliver said “That’s a childhood dream that I would love to realise. I need to keep pushing in F2 to make sure that I can get that F1 seat – that’s my main goal for this year.”

As a result, many are speculating for the young talent to be Ferrari’s main driver from the next season.

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