What is the Denny Hamlin-Kyle Larson rivalry? Alex Bowman wants more in NASCAR

Denny Hamlin has undeniably gathered significant attention and recognition from the paddock, yet there still remains uncertainty regarding the nature of his name. The American driver found himself embroiled in a heated rivalry with Kylie Larson, a saga that unfolded during the 2023 season.

In 2023, Dennie Hamlin and Kyle Larson were involved in a huge fight. In the final lap of the spring race in the Kansas Speedway, Hamlin deliberately ran over to Larson, ultimately taking the win while Larson suffered due to his move. Later on, the American driver showed his frustration towards Hamlin by forcefully making contact with him along the frontstretch as they approached towards the caution flag.

Denny Hamlin-Kyle Larson rivalry explained

After the race, Hamlin defended himself by claiming that he never touched Larson. The 31-year-old, on the other hand, has strictly expressed that the entire race should have been conducted fairly. This initiated the prolonged war between the duo, which is still ongoing.

Hamlin addressed the hate between him and Larson recently in an interview by saying, “I think it is. It is always difficult to navigate on-track stuff with people that you have off-the-track relationships with because your team doesn’t care about that. Your team doesn’t care that you guys went to dinner last night.”

“So I think I’m a good teammate. I’m not a great teammate. I’ve never been a great teammate because I’m too selfish. I want to win for myself and my team too much. And so hopefully everyone understands that I’m just trying to do everything I can any weekend to win for my team because it means more to me to keep them behind me than anyone else.”

Alex Bowman demands more Denny Hamlin-Kyle Larson rivalry

The legendary driver, Alex Bowman, on the other hand, has expressed euphoria in the war between the Hamlin-Kyle duo. Bowman has stated that, even though he likes to distance himself from controversies, at the same time, he has no issues observing the interesting rivalry between the pair.

“Yeah, I don’t really like being in them. I’m not a very confrontational person, but, yeah, I’m here for the tea, I guess. I enjoy it sometimes.”

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