Does Ricochet’s girlfriend, Samantha Irvin have an OnlyFans account? Providing a fact-check on the WWE ring announcer

Samantha Irvin is currently the best female ring announcer in WWE. Despite being an announcer, her fame is not less than that of any WWE superstar. She is the fiancee of famous WWE superstar Ricochet.

The bond between Irvin and Ricochet is highly appreciated by fans as they seem to be genuine even off-screen. However, recently, a rumor has been circulating on the Internet about her promoting OnlyFans secretly. Although it was just a claim from one of the fans, it still compelled her fiance to respond to the rumors.

Fact-check if Samantha Irvin is on OnlyFans

WWE superstar Ricochet and WWE announcer Samantha Irvin have been dating since early 2021, and they are undoubtedly one of the best couples in WWE. Their relationship was even part of a recent storyline where Logan Paul targeted the announcer for the defeat of her partner. Ricochet and Irvin are officially engaged and are soon expected to marry.

A fan recently tweeted on Twitter with a video attached featuring Samantha Irvin, where the fan addressed that he is tired of the announcer and demanded that WWE should stop showing Irvin in people’s faces, adding that she is promoting an OnlyFans account. The fan wrote, “Stop shoving her in our faces. @SamanthaTheBomb is promoting OF in her accounts everywhere Stop it already.”

This claim of the fan spread like wildfire, and many were curious whether Ricochet’s partner really had an OnlyFans account. Ricochet noticed those tweets and then retweeted that fan’s claim tweet. The highflyer stated that he and his bank account wished Irvin had an OnlyFans account due to all the money she could have earned using the platform. Ricochet wrote, “Believe me…me and my bank account WISHES she had an OF! 🤑🤑🤑”

WWE ring announcer trolls fan over OF comments

A fan recently made a false claim that Samantha Irvin was promoting her OnlyFans account secretly on social media. This became a headline in many online news portals as they didn’t properly verify the credibility of the fan’s claim. However, later, the claim was nullified by her fiance Ricochet when he sarcastically denied the rumor.

After that Irvin went to read the reports on that false claim on several news portal’s social media handles and one of those portals was Ringside News. While she was seeing the fan’s reactions to those news reports on Twitter, she noticed a fan addressing his lack of respect for both Ricochet and Samantha after those reports. The fan wrote, “My respect for ricochet and Samantha just decreased by 80%.”

Responded to that fan Irvin gave a brutal reply and trolled the Ringside News portal in a very sneaky way. She wrote, “You rely on Ringside for your news so my respect for you has decreased 85%”.

Do you think Samantha Irvin did the right thing by roasting those news portals? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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