Drew McIntyre takes sly dig at “spotlight junkie” Seth Rollins ahead of WWE WrestleMania 40

Drew McIntyre last appeared at Elimination Chamber, where he clashed with five other superstars and emerged victorious after pinning ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton. The winner of the match was scheduled to receive a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 40.

‘The Scottish Warrior’ is set to face ‘The Architect’ at the ‘Greatest Show of the Year’ in April. A little while back, McIntyre called out ‘The Visionary’ on Twitter, surprising fans and addressing his inner turmoil before their title match at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Drew McIntyre fires shots at Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre recently addressed his WrestleMania 40 opponent Seth Rollins on Twitter, where he called him a “spotlight junkie.” Both stars will face each other in a title bout and this will be their first title clash after last year’s Crown Jewel event. On March 14, the master of ‘Claymore’ posted a video on Twitter, where he called out ‘The Revolutionary’ for being unworthy as his opponent.

McIntyre said, “Being the same person and unlike somebody with multiple, multiple personalities over the years, you know, it got me thinking. The best nicknames are the ones earned, not given. I’ve been called the Scottish warrior, the Scottish psychopath, and for good reason, I guess I’m from Scotland, he clearly didn’t give myself them, I wouldn’t add Scottish to every single one, but I didn’t also round them down people’s throats.”

Drew continued by saying that Seth, who will also face The Rock and Roman Reigns, does not deserve the nicknames his fans gave him and that he will start calling himself the Visionary. “He’s been an architect, I’ll give him that one, but a visionary, a revolutionary, a messiah, I don’t think he even believes those anymore. And didn’t he give himself most of the nicknames?”

“How about I call myself Tall Handsome Jack Drew? At least it would be true. A closer one for you would be Sellout or Spotlight Junkie. This guy just needs his fix of the limelight…Maybe I’ll start calling myself the visionary, at least it would actually be true,” added Drew.

Drew McIntyre slams Baron Corbin

The master of ‘End of Days’ Baron Corbin, has clashed with ‘The Scottish Psychopath,’ Drew McIntyre, several times over the years. In a recent video, Corbin questioned why McIntyre was wearing elbow pads in his kitchen, to which McIntyre replied that he was about to train and suggested that Corbin should try it if he wanted to.

Their most iconic match at WrestleMania 38 saw McIntyre kicking out for the first time ever from Corbin’s finisher, the ‘End of Days.’ Although Corbin has expressed his displeasure several times over this, fans still consider their clash to be one of the greatest matches of that time.

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