Seth Rollins wants face-to-face confrontation with Drew McIntyre after back-and-forth exchange on social media

Seth Rollins is often seen smiling and laughing during his appearances on Monday Night Rollins. However, his WrestleMania 40 opponent, Drew McIntyre, managed to push his buttons to such an extent that Rollins lashed out on social media. On the latest episode of Raw, McIntyre was asked about Rollins’s involvement in the intense rivalry between Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline.

He called Seth Rollins a “spotlight junkie” who always wanted to be part of every important WWE conversation and interfered in other people’s business where he was not needed. Rollins did not take McIntyre’s words lightly and expressed his frustration on social media.

Drew McIntyre gets called out by Seth Rollins over “junkie” comment

Several WWE wrestlers have shared their responses to the recent heated argument between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. During this week’s episode of Raw, McIntyre verbally attacked Rollins using expletives and accused him of seeking attention. Later, he physically attacked the World Heavyweight Champion by delivering a Claymore kick, which knocked him out and ended the show.

In his typical fashion, McIntyre resorted to social media to add insult to injury for Rollins, repeating his “junkie” insult towards him. Rollins didn’t let it slide and responded with some colorful language, sparking a back-and-forth exchange between the two. McIntyre’s initial tweet, “Seth Rollins is a junkie!” was met with Rollins’ reply, “B*tch, I’ve been fighting with my soul for the last 2 years to make sure jackoffs like you even have a world title to compete for at Mania.”

Drew McIntyre responded swiftly and asked where this fiery reply was on Raw this week. McIntyre wrote, “B*tch where was this energy last night?!”

To which Seth Rollins once again responded, “Well, btch, some of us who actually have a proper set of balls on us prefer to do our sht talking face to face. In the interim, it’s okay to have a little fun.”

On Raw, it was announced that the World Heavyweight Championship match between McIntyre and Rollins will occur on WWE WrestleMania Sunday, April 7th. This decision appears to have been made to accommodate the highly anticipated tag team match between Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns & The Rock, which is scheduled for WrestleMania Saturday, April 6th.

Drew McIntyre continues his CM Punk diss

In the past few weeks, McIntyre has been teasing CM Punk through his WWE Raw promos and posts on social media. As a result, fans have been speculating that he might sign with the company again, even though his contract is set to expire before Punk’s return.

During his appearance on WWE’s “The Bump,” Drew McIntyre talked about his recent comments regarding CM Punk. When asked if he was being too critical, the former WWE Champion replied that Punk should be grateful for the attention he’s receiving. He further added that he is the one keeping Punk relevant by constantly discussing him. He said, “I think Punk and his fans should be thanking me. I’m the one who’s keeping him in the spotlight.”

McIntyre updated his fans on his ear injury following his mention of a blown eardrum at the WWE Elimination Chamber. He confirmed that the injury won’t prevent him from participating in WrestleMania. He reassured everyone that, though he might be hurt, he wouldn’t let the injury take him out of the game. McIntyre acknowledged the frustration of compromised hearing but humorously noted that it seemed to enhance his other senses. It seems that McIntyre’s quick wit is not injured one bit.

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