Ex-WWE star reveals alarming Vince McMahon backstage behavior: “He would make vulgar s*xual comments”

The founder and former chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, had a notably turbulent beginning in 2024. Allegations of sexual misconduct against McMahon surfaced last month when the former WWE employee, Janel Grant, filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he sexually exploited her, assaulted her, and forced her to participate in sex acts with other WWE employees.

Within a month following this incident, the hatred against him has escalated significantly, adding fuel to the fire. Another statement from a former WWE women’s superstar has been issued against McMahon.

Ashley Massaro reveals Vince McMahon’s identity

Ashley Massaro, a former WWE wrestler who died by apparent suicide in 2019, has made disturbing allegations against Vince McMahon in a previously unreleased statement. However, the statement was released today by Vice News, and it mirrors the character of McMahon, showing his disrespect for the WWE superstars.

The statement says, “He is known for this type of behavior and also did this. In addition, after that night, each time I walk by him, he would make vulgar sexual comments that were clearly desinged to make me uncomfortable.”

Massaro claimed that McMahon sexually preyed on many WWE Divas talents during her time in WWE. She also said McMahon forcefully made her perform in the ring with many bad scripts and storylines that have ruined her career lately.

She also suffered punishment from McMahon for rejecting his advances for the WWE shows. She also said that she witnessed McMahon making out with other female wrestlers in the locker room and that he made vulgar sexual comments to her.

Massaro also alleged that McMahon sexually harassed her every time she walked by him and that he was known for this type of behavior. She disclosed that she felt extremely uncomfortable and violated by his actions and wanted to expose him for what he did to her and other female wrestlers.

Why was Ashley Massaro released from WWE?

Ashley Massaro was a former WWE Divas Superstar and had a short WWE career for three years, from 2005 to 2008. On July 10, 2008, Massaro was released from WWE upon her request to leave the company. She granted her release from WWE because she wanted to take care of her seven-year-old sick daughter.

She also thanked WWE and the fans for their support and said she hoped to come back someday. Massaro was involved in some memorable feuds and matches, such as facing Melina at WrestleMania 23 and posing for Playboy magazine.

Ashley Massaro
via WWE

In 2016, she filed a class action lawsuit against WWE, alleging that the company was negligent and responsible for neurological injuries that she and other wrestlers suffered in the ring

While on a WWE tour in Kuwait in 2006, she additionally claimed that a US Army doctor had sexually assaulted her. She said that she was injected with a drug that paralyzed her and then raped.  Despite her famous WrestleMania moments and feuds, Massaro’s tragic death and the controversy surrounding her release from WWE have cast a dark shadow over her legacy.


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