Former WWE star reveals he “lost lot of respect” for Vince McMahon due to remarks made following Brodie Lee’s death

The professional wrestling community mourned a significant loss with the passing of Brodie Lee. Many shared stories about his kindness, underscoring his true value. However, reports suggest that Vince McMahon allegedly showed disrespect towards him even after his death.

On December 26th, 2020, Brodie Lee passed away due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a rare condition that causes the thickening and stiffening of lung tissues. Even to this day, people continue to honor the memory of Brodie Lee. He was recognized as the greatest TNT champion of all time because of how impressively he was booked as a champion, defeating Cody Rhodes in a squash match to claim the title.

Former WWE star’s shocking revelation on Vince McMahon

During a recent episode of “Cafe De Rene,” ex-WWE wrestler Viktor alleged that Vince McMahon showed disrespect towards Brodie Lee after his passing. Viktor mentioned that he lost his respect for McMahon after hearing that he made some inappropriate comments regarding Lee’s death. Viktor also revealed that Lee had attempted to establish a closer relationship with McMahon, but unfortunately, McMahon did not reciprocate.

“I lost a lot of respect for him after Brodie Lee passed away because I heard he made some remarks to people who were not very supportive of him. I knew how much Brodie had tried to really just be a person with Vince and make WWE his family, and Vince just wouldn’t have it. Like, he just hated him for some reason,” said Viktor.

Viktor shared more information regarding McMahon’s alleged response to Lee’s passing. According to Viktor, McMahon seemed surprised that people cared about it and showed indifference towards the situation. This revelation made Viktor realize that if McMahon continued to be the person in charge of the company, he would not want to work for him again.

“I was really surprised at how Vince took Brodie’s death and how little he cared, How much it pi**ed him off that people did care about it. So once I heard that, I was just kind of like, ‘Well if that’s going to be the guy running a company, I don’t ever want to work for him again,’” Viktor added.

Brodie Lee revealed about his backstage interaction with Vince McMahon

The late wrestling superstar Brodie Lee, formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE, made his debut in AEW as The Exalted One of The Dark Order. During one of his appearances on AEW Dynamite, a pre-taped segment was aired where Lee, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver of The Dark Order speculated that Lee’s character was spoofing former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

During the segment, Lee was seen having a steak dinner with Reynolds and Silver. He criticized the two for not being on board with the direction of The Dark Order. In the video, Lee forced Silver to leave the room when he attempted to eat before Lee was finished with his meal. He also kicked out Reynolds for sneezing, which is known to be one of McMahon’s pet peeves.

In 2020, Lee appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast, “Talk is Jericho.” During the episode, Jericho shared a similar incident he had with Vince McMahon that involved a steak dinner.

“I had one of the greatest ideas I had ever come up with, Vince, when I pitched it to him was eating a steak. I had asked three different people, had he eaten already? As soon as I got in there, he was extra hungry that day and started eating his second meal and was not paying attention to anything and he looks up at me after I finished and says, ‘bad cow.’ I was like, ‘What bad cow?’ He said, ‘This steak is tough’ and I was like, ‘What about all the great ideas?’ He was like, ‘What else you got?’ I was like, ‘F—, I should have known,” said Chris Jericho.

Brodie Lee had a similar experience to others while enjoying a meal with Vince McMahon; he was brushed off in their interactions.

“I have pitched many things to him when he is just like chowing down on a salad or something,” Lee said. “Then you hand him something and he’s like, ‘I’ll look at it on the plane,’ and you’re like, he’s not gonna look at those. There were times where I was told he was done eating and it was OK to go in, and then you go in there and it’s like, nope, he’s eating again,” said Lee.

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