Five years after starting the journey to become a pro wrestler, Dominik Mysterio receives glowing endorsement from WWE star

Dominik Mysterio recently received praise from his Judgment Day faction member Finn Balor for his in-ring wrestling performance. Balor considers Dominik the future of WWE due to the persona he has crafted in just one year with Judgment Day.

In the months following WrestleMania 39, Judgment Day has achieved significant success, winning and adding several championships to the faction’s tally. The faction now holds the Women’s World Championship title, NXT North American title, and the Undisputed Tag Team titles on their waist.

Finn Balor hails Dominik as wrestling’s future star

It was only a year ago that Dominik Mysterio betrayed his WWE Hall of Famer father, Rey Mysterio, and his close friend Edge at the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event. However, now the superstar has forged his own path and reputation, becoming a crucial member of Judgment Day.

In a recent interview with the Ringer Wrestling Show, Finn Balor praised his stablemate Dominik for his remarkable growth in WWE, despite not having the same level of experience as some other WWE stars. Finn Balor expressed, “I feel like he was given kind of a warm reception when he came in because he was the son of Hall of Famer, son of Rey Mysterio. He was kind of accepted because he was the blood of Rey Mysterio.”

He also added, “Once he stepped out from under that tree and started fending for himself, he’s just been a completely different animal. Not only the growth he’s shown, outside of the ring and on his promos and his character work, but his growth inside of the ring has been monumental for someone who has had very little training, and no NXT experience pretty much.”

Dominik Mysterio transformed from rookie to pro wrestler in half a decade

Dominik Mysterio has emerged as one of the best heel wrestlers in WWE today. Initially seen as an inexperienced rookie living in the shadow of his father. However, things changed after he betrayed his father and joined Judgement Day. Dominik made his WWE debut in 2019 when he came to support his father and celebrate his win, but his significant run began last year when he aligned with Judgment Day.

Dom’s heel turn has brought about a significant transformation. He began emulating his father’s arch-rival, Eddie, by adopting the ‘Latino Heat’ gimmick. He evolved his wrestling techniques, turning his losing streak into a path paved with victories and eventually securing singles title championships.

His heel persona reached its peak when he formed a partnership with Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley, who aided him in winning matches and becoming an even greater heel.Presently, at 26 years old, he stands as the most despised WWE Superstar on the current roster, ranking among the top most hated heels in WWE.

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