Former WWE champ calls out The Rock after heated segment with ‘people’s champ’ on Raw

The Rock made an electrifying comeback in the RAW: Day-1 event, where he interrupted Jinder Mahal’s promo and gave him a ‘Spinebuster’ along with ‘The People’s Elbow’ following their altercation. He even took a surprise jab at the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. WWE had been teasing the fans about the potential return of The Brahma Bull days before the show.

The Modern Day Maharaja has been eying the ‘people’s champ’ since their dispute. The former WWE Champion wants a fight with The Rock and he wants it to take place in India, to prove his superiority.

Jinder Mahal calls out The Rock

Jinder Mahal the former WWE Champion has had some great moments in WWE. He earned the title ‘The Modern Day Maharaja’ from ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton on May 21 at Backlash. Mahal later lost the WWE Championship to AJ Styles, ending his reign as the champion at 170 days on SmackDown Live on November 7.

Recently, the former 3MB member was beaten by ‘The Brahma Bull’, which made him angry and he openly challenged the ‘people’s champ’ during an interview with WWE Super Dhamaal.

In the clip, he said, “I had many good points before Rock even came out. I was feeling confident until I was on the receiving end of, you know, Rock gave me a spinebuster. Up until then, I really believed that I had The Rock. You know, I had his confidence choked. I could see the look in his eyes. You know, I am the Modern-day Maharaja, he may be The People’s Champion, they were cheering him on. For someone who had no respect from the crowd, I think I did really well. I want to issue a challenge to The Rock. Anytime in India, you can step into the ring with The Modern Day Maharaja.”

Fans are still confused by the open challenge and are wondering if The Rock will accept the match. People from India are massively supporting the idea, as it would bring WWE wrestlers to their nation and make a match between The Modern Day Maharaja vs The People’s Champion possible.

The Rock slams Jinder Mahal on his return to WWE

The Rock’s return after many years surprised fans, and he got the greatest cheering any star of his caliber would deserve. At first, Mahal appeared on the ring and started his promo with the WWE universe, until the ‘Great One’ made his entrance. After coming inside the ring, both wrestlers had a back-and-forth on the mic. The People’s Champion dominated the mic session, after which they fought each other before Jinder Mahal was laid out courtesy of The Rock using his arsenal of moves.

Dwayne Johnson later shared his feelings on Twitter after his return. The post read, “It all hits differently. The theme, the crowd, the connection, the reaction, the electricity, the chills. Helluva way to bring in 2024. Grateful, blessed and inspired to forever be, the People’s Champ”.

The Hollywood megastar, during his brief interaction with fans, mentioned taking the seat as the “Head of the Table,” teasing a potential fight against his cousin “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns. Fans were roaring loudly following that statement, as the Bloodline always seems to find a way out whenever they face any adversary. The Rock is the people’s choice, for the dethronement of Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

The Rock’s future matches are still uncertain, as WWE officials have not mentioned anything about the topic. Fans are hoping to see the wrestler in an official match soon, and some are even hoping that he joins the Royal Rumble match on January 27.

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