Former WWE star takes credit for Jordynne Grace’s Royal Rumble appearance

The highly anticipated men’s and women’s bouts for the 2024 Royal Rumble took place tonight, featuring championship battles contested by Roman Reigns and Logan Paul, respectively. The women’s Rumble was the most memorable event, as it cemented Bayley’s place in WWE history and set her up to face Iyo Sky in a future match.

Just like Mickie James before her, the Women’s Royal Rumble was unexpectedly thrown for a loop when TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace showed up. After Jordynne Grace’s impressive performance, the wife of SmackDown GM complimented TNA for their role in the main event.

SmackDown GM’s wife takes credit for TNA’s Royal Rumble involvement

Famous female wrestler Jordynne Grace has been a mainstay in TNA for a long time. She has been recognized for her outstanding work in the independent wrestling scene, where she now owns the Knockouts World Championship.

Thanks to a joint effort between TNA and WWE, the current TNA Knockouts World Champion made an unexpected debut at WWE’s Royal Rumble. The situation is reminiscent of one that occurred with Mickie James two years ago.

Royal Rumble
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As they both stepped into the ring to represent the Knockouts family tree, Grace and Naomi proudly displayed the TNA Knockouts Championship as they competed in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. In contrast to Mickie, Grace is reportedly currently under contract with TNA, which might signify a developing partnership between WWE and TNA for special events. The supportive comments made by the wife of SmackDown GM showcase the growing alliance between the two brands.

Triple H highly appreciative of TNA following Royal Rumble

Triple H has taken on more creative responsibility for WWE in the last year, and the company has accepted changes. Wrestling as we know it may soon undergo a radical transformation as a result of this change in attitude. Importantly, this shift might be an indication of a possible alliance between WWE and their long-time adversary TNA.

Royal Rumble
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Surprise number five in the women’s Royal Rumble field was none other than Jordynne Grace, the current TNA Knockouts World Champion. The ever-changing partnership between WWE and TNA was on display as Triple H’s booking abilities surprised everyone. The admiration and appreciation for Grace’s performance in the ring highlight the possibility of future partnerships.

The TNA+ arrangement with WWE’s parent company Endeavour may have signaled a more permissive “forbidden door” strategy, which might explain this surprising turn of events. At the Royal Rumble press conference, Triple H praised Grace as a phenomenal talent, while also speaking highly of WWE’s alliance with TNA Wrestling.

When WWE unlocks the Forbidden Door, it will provide fans with new and exciting experiences. Regarding this novel shift, what are your thoughts? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!


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