Jake Paul gives shoutout to brother Logan Paul after victory at WWE Royal Rumble

Jake Paul, the influencer turned boxer, has consistently supported his brother, Logan Paul. The Paul brothers regularly commend each other after victories, whether in a boxing ring or the WWE ring.

Since Logan Paul’s entry into WWE, Jake has also begun to enter into the professional wrestling scene. A few days ago, The Problem Child even had an interaction with former WWE champion John Cena, showcasing his signature move, “You can’t see me.”

Jake Paul reacts to Logan Paul’s victory.

Always by his brother’s side, Jake Paul watched the entire WWE US title match, where Logan faced former WWE champion Kevin Owens. Since Logan entered WWE, the only thing he has been praised for is putting his whole heart into every matchup in the WWE ring. From taking punches to enduring blows on the back with a table, everything he invested in the US Championship match garnered praise from fans.

Emerging from the YouTube community wasn’t an easy feat to impress the audience, but after securing the win at WWE’s second-most valued event, the Royal Rumble, he etched his name into the annals of wrestling history. This is why, once the victory was secured, brother Jake Paul took to Twitter and tweeted, “And still” with a pumped-up emoji.

Logan Paul defends the US title at WWE Royal Rumble.

After making his debut in WWE in 2021, the achievement of winning the title bout at the biggest WWE Royal Rumble event was enough to showcase how dedicated the elder Paul Brother is to his work. The match started opposite of what fans were expecting, as Kevin Owens started to dominate the fight after a handshake with his opponent.

Once Logan Paul found the flaw in Owens’s right hand, he played a smart move while attempting to pin Kevin, which got a kick out. Though Jake Paul’s brother showed his athletic skills with high jumps and frog splashes, he also challenged commentator Corey Graves for his remarks. No one could suplex Kevin Owens over the top rope, and the commentator succeeded as Owens reversed the suplex on the turnbuckle.

Later, brass knuckles were found on the side of Logan, but the opponent managed to throw them far away from the champion, giving him a knockout blow. The count started at 1-2-3 and the match stopped, but suddenly the referee noticed Owen’s hand had a brass knuckle and the decision was overturned due to disqualification. Via Comic Book.

Both competitors started saying insulting words to each other when security separated them at the performance center. What are your thoughts on Jake Paul possibly joining WWE to fight alongside his brother someday?


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