Hours after surprising Hollywood tour bus fans, Dwayne Johnson shares massive update on his $15,000,000 purchase

On top of being a successful Hollywood and WWE star with multiple business ventures, Dwayne Johnson is also known for his amiable personality and ability to effortlessly connect with his fans due to his cheerful and positive attitude. Aside from surprising a group of touring fans on a bus, The Rock recently announced a major change coming to the XFL.

XFL was originally started by former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. When he declared XFL’s bankruptcy in 2020, The Brahma Bull decided to purchase the minor football league along with his ex-wife Danny Garcia. They intended XFL to become the top football provider when the NFL season closed out.

Dwayne Johnson announces XFL, USFL merger intent

The Rock took to the social media platform X yesterday to announce the merger between XFL and fellow competitor, the United States Football League (USFL). In a joint statement, it was announced that the merger between the two football leagues would be subject to customary approvals. Dwayne Johnson released the following statement on X.

“Today, the United States Football League [“USFL”] and the XFL announced their intention to merge. Subject to customary regulatory approvals and if the transaction is consummated, the new league will establish best-in-class operations based on the most recent seasons of both leagues. This historic combination will anchor professional spring football with substantial capabilities and resources to ensure future growth and continue to enhance the development of the collective players, coaches, and staff that are coming together”.

Details about when the completion of the merger will take effect or the date of the merger haven’t been revealed as of yet. It will be interesting to see how the situation between XFL and USFL evolves in the following months.

The Rock surprised touring fans

Two days ago, Dwayne Johnson took to X(formerly Twitter) to share a clip where he could be seen casually greeting a group of fans on a bus, while he was driving by in his SUV. The 51-year-old wrestling superstar cheerfully greeted the fans and also clicked a few selfies with them.

In the video, the fans on the bus were extremely surprised to see The People’s Champ casually pulling up to them and greeting them. They could be heard shouting “Oh my God!” as The Rock greeted them. Afterwards, Dwayne Johnson also fist bumped with a young fan on the bus. Dwayne Johnson is known for always connecting with his fans and spreading happiness to his well-wishers.

In his post on X, he wrote, “Hey y’all seen the Rock in this hood? If you Hollywood visitors ever see a big ol’ pick-up truck rolling up on your tour bus, don’t be afraid, it’s just the People’s Champ lookin’ for free tacos and having fun. Enjoy my hood and stay away from my house (this kind of stuff is always the best part of fame ~ lots of happy faces;)”

Fans were ecstatic upon seeing Dwayne Johnson’s gesture and love for his fans in the recent video. Everyone lauded The Brahma Bull for always spreading positivity and happiness wherever he goes and for entertaining them. He also made a surprise return to SmackDown a couple of weeks ago. We are certainly hopeful that we get to see The Rock compete in a match once again before he hangs up his boots.


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