Is Gunther one of the greatest WWE Intercontinental champions after another record-breaking achievement?

WWE superstar Gunther has taken WWE by storm with his several remarkable feats, from defeating formidable opponents to becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental champion in WWE history by breaking the record of The Honky Tonk Man. Fans always praise The Ring General for his accomplishments in the Stamford-based promotion.

However, the Intercontinental Champion has again accomplished a feat that will be very tough for any other superstar to beat. Recently, The Ring General has completed five hundred days of his current championship reign.

Is Gunther one of the best IC champs?

The Intercontinental Championship holds a very prominent position in the history of WWE. The title was introduced on September 1st, 1979 and it has been held by some of the biggest professional wrestlers. However, in recent years, the title has been on the verge of losing its importance as it has not focused on major storylines for one year straight.

The main reason behind the tragic decline in the status of the title was the COVID-19 pandemic. The stars like Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy gave their best to uphold the status of the Intercontinental Championship title but failed miserably. But things changed when Gunther won the title, as he brought back the lost prestige of the title with his amazing face-offs against many challengers.

The Ring General solidified his status as the champion of the title by defeating Braun Strowman and Sheamus. He is now the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion with an undefeated streak since June 2022. This feat easily makes him the best champion of the revitalized title.

Gunther celebrates Intercontinental Championship record

Gunther has become one of the best champions to ever exist in WWE by achieving feat after feat with his championship title. Just one and a half months ago, The Ring General achieved a milestone by becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in the history of WWE.

But today Gunther has achieved another remarkable feat by holding the Intercontinental title for 500 days straight within one reign. He is the first wrestler in WWE to accomplish such an impressive milestone. In his NXT days, he was also the longest-reigning champion. With the ring name WALTER, the current Intercontinental Champion held the NXT United Kingdom Championship for 870 days.

Celebrating this new record Gunther posted a photo of himself on X/Twitter with the Intercontinental title and captioned it by writing the current number of his reigning days. Fans are congratulating the star for his amazing feat.

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