John Cena claims 14-time WWE champion is the Shawn Michaels of this generation despite being out with injury

The heated rivalry between John Cena and Randy Orton is fondly remembered by the WWE Universe. Although the two stars have since moved on from their feud and have gone separate paths in their careers, The Cenation Leader recently reflected on their rivalry and praised his former enemy.

Both John Cena and Randy Orton are two of WWE’s biggest stars and are guaranteed future Hall of Famers. Despite achieving monumental success in their respective careers, Cena has moved on to the Hollywood industry, whereas Orton is currently out of action with a back injury. However, the Viper has been off WWE TV since last year and has been slowly recovering.

John Cena praises Randy Orton

Following their once intense and heated rivalry, The Cenation Leader and The Apex Predator have since put the past behind them and are on good terms with each other as of now. Cena even praised Orton recently, describing him as the ‘Shawn Michaels of his generation’.

Appearing on WWE’s YouTube channel, John Cena reflected on some of his most legendary matches. He reflected on his past rivalry with Randy Orton while talking about their match at WWE Bragging Rights 2009. Cena heaped praised upon his former rival and complimented his work in the ring.

“Randy is my generation’s Shawn Michaels. He has an understanding of nuance and how important it is. He has the best timing of anybody. Like he’s always there, he’s never late. He shows emotion as a performer. He’s incredible. He makes them difficult. Looks simple. Every second feels like an hour,” said John Cena.

Randy Orton injury update

Last year, Randy Orton suffered a serious back injury and has been out of action for over a year and a half. Although there hasn’t been a solid confirmation as to when The Viper will be making his return, it has been recently reported that WWE has been planning to get Orton back in the fold soon.

Randy Orton

There have been both positive and negative developments in the news about Randy Orton’s health. It was once stated that Orton’s doctors advised him to retire from his wrestling career due to the risk of a fatal injury with one more bump. However, his father, Bob Orton, provided a more positive update, mentioning that his son was currently training to make a comeback to the ring.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of, WWE has been planning Orton’s return for quite some time, and The Viper might make his comeback at this year’s Survivor Series on November 25 in Chicago. Orton’s last match on WWE TV was in May 2022 when he and Matt Riddle lost the RAW Tag Team Championships to The Usos, who put Orton through a table, writing him off television.

Although this report should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s great to receive a positive news on Randy Orton’s condition. We hope to see The Viper return as soon as possible to the ring. Stay tuned for further updates on John Cena and Randy Orton.


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