Shawn Michaels urged to sign Miyu Yamashita

Shawn Michaels is the current head of creative decisions in WWE NXT. The Hall of Famer has led the black and gold brand to great success under his guidance. He has received countless praise from fellow WWE legends and superstars, who complimented him for his brilliant creative decisions.

There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of Japanese representation in WWE. From stars like Shinsuke Nakamura to Asuka and Iyo Sky, the Stamford-based promotion is filled with talented Japanese superstars. Fans have recently started to urge Shawn Michaels into signing yet another superstar, named Miyu Yamashita.

Shawn Michaels urged to sign Miyu Yamashita

Miyu Yamashita is a current TJPW (Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling) superstar. She has achieved significant success in the promotion as a singles wrestler. She has been pushed as one of the top stars of TJPW and won the first ever Princess on Princess Championship. The 28-year-old superstar is now currently in discussions among fans, who want to see her sign with WWE.

It was recently announced that Yamashita is headed to Major League Wrestling after 10 years in TJPW. She was also seen in attendance for the latest episode of WWE NXT.

This caused some fans to tell Shawn Michaels to jump over the barrier with a contract for the Japanese superstar. Considering Michaels’ role as the Creative Head of NXT, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to sign Yamashita into WWE’s developmental brand.

Booker T sings praises of Shawn Michaels

It’s no doubt that Shawn Michaels is doing a great job as the Creative Head of WWE NXT. The black and gold brand has elevated to new heights under his leadership. On the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about The Heartbreak Kid’s performance as the head of creative of NXT.

He addressed the recent comments that Tony Khan made about Shawn Michaels not winning the Booker of the Year award, saying that the award should be the last thing on Michaels’ mind.

He praised Michaels’ job as the Creative Head in WWE NXT and his ability to create magical moments with the stars of the black and gold brand. Booker T then bashed Tony Khan’s comment about Shawn Michaels and said that the Booker of the Year award isn’t relevant enough to earn anyone any fame or a decent amount of money.

“And that’s just, you know, creating really, really great shows. I think more than anything, I know Tony Khan was talking about Shawn Michaels not winning the Booker of the Year award. Personally, I’m hoping and praying that the last thing that Shawn Michaels will be thinking about is the year award.” said Booker T.

“But on the other hand, I think Shawn Michaels is doing a hell of a job with the NXT brand, creating moments as well as magic at the same time and getting these young guys to the point where they need to be more than anything because NXT is still a developmental group.”, he continued.

“The object of that game down there is to get those guys promoted to the next level and hopefully get somebody else to take their spot, and promote them too. It’s about creating talent in WWE, and that’s what that brand is all about”.

Shawn Michaels’ abilities as the NXT Creative Head are definitely nothing to scoff at. He has led and guided several young talents of the black and gold brand into being ready for the main roster. It will be interesting to witness what further changes he brings to WWE NXT.

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