Kenny Omega admits he is a Roman Reigns fan

Roman Reigns might have lost the title at WrestleMania 40, but his status as the Tribal Chief has remained unquestionable. Kenny Omega certainly feels that way.

During his Twitch stream, Kenny Omega sounded off the Roman Reigns haters in the chat and said, “I’m not gonna accept any Roman Reigns slander in this chat, I really think he’s incredible. I don’t think he’s boring, I actually would say I’m pretty jealous because Roman Reigns is presented the exact same way I would love to be presented.”

He further added, “He’s presented as the man who’s the Champion to have big matches at the PPV’s where you’re either really cheering for him or cheering for someone else…that’s professional wrestling. He’s getting to do what I did in New Japan so I can’t be a hater on that. I’m a fan.”

The big praise from Kenny Omega does not come as a surprise as multiple big names in the pro wrestling biz echoed the same sentiment in the past. Roman toppled every challenge in front of him during his historic title reign that ended at WrestleMania 40. One might say he got some help along the way, but that’s what a heel does, and he played that role to perfection. While Roman Reigns is taking a hiatus following WM, his return status remains a mystery.

Update on Roman Reigns’ WWE return

Since his last appearance on WWE programming, Roman Reigns has been once spotted filming for a Hollywood project and again at Disneyland a few days ago.

Roman Reigns was supposed to be in the WWE Draft this past Friday but was withdrawn from the process before the show. Paul Heyman said, “Well, let me clarify that for you. These are not rumours regarding your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, these are facts. Ladies and gentlemen, your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns has voluntarily withdrawn from eligibility for the 2024 Draft. This is not a negative. This is a positive.”

Since all the long-term injured superstars are off limits in the draft, Tribal Chief’s absence only means he is set for a prolonged time away from the ring. When and where Roman Reigns will return is in the realm of the unknown, but given his box-office attraction, it surely will be a huge one when he does.


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