Kevin Owens unleashes verbal assault on Logan Paul in SmackDown face-to-face for their Royal Rumble clash

Kevin Owens and Logan Paul are set to face off in the upcoming premium PPV event of Royal Rumble on January 27. The match will see both WWE stars duking it out for the United States Championship. KO challenged Paul after he won the WWE United States Championship No.1 Contender’s Tournament.

During the January 19 episode of SmackDown Live, Owens hosted the ‘Kevin Owens Show’ where he invited Logan Paul as a guest. After both superstars were face-to-face, Kevin verbally started insulting the current champ, which not soon led to a fistfight.

Kevin Owens unleashes verbal assault on Logan Paul

This week’s Friday Night SmackDown saw both the champ, Logan Paul, and the title contender, Kevin Owens, come head-to-head to address their upcoming match on January 27. Owens invited Logan on his ‘Kevin Owens Show’, where at first, the YouTuber turned wrestler seemed thankful for the invitation but later started berating Owens by ranking his show as the ‘bottom of the barrel show’.

Logan’s insult provoked the challenger, who then went on a number of issues related to Paul’s entry into WWE. Kevin started with, “There’s a lot I can’t talk about you, and you know why,” which made the 28-year-old champ surprised but he still listened. Owens continued by saying how Logan does not deserve to be counted as one among them as he is only here for the attention.

In a clip released on Twitter, Owens was seen verbally destroying Logan Paul for the preferential treatment the higher-ups provide to him. Kevin goes on to add more about the ‘tools’ Logan was given to become the new United States Champion, and how effectively Paul used them to achieve his success. He further added how his title reign is considered as nothing to the people and his success is a joke.

Logan Paul attacks Kevin Owens’ injured hand

The January 19 episode of SmackDown Live saw the altercation between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens turned into a full-out brawl. At first, Logan accused Kevin of using his cast on the SmackDown New Year’s Revolution to knock him out, which prompted Kevin to take his cast out to show Logan he did not need it. As the 39-year-old turned around after freeing his hand from the cast, Paul used that chance to ‘sucker punch’ him in the face.

A brawl ensued after that, with both athletes using their fists to hurt one another. Kevin used his injured hand to punch Paul as hard as he could, leading Logan to make an escape from his challenger. A chance came when Kevin was pursuing Paul, and he used that opportunity to slam Owens’s injured hand straight into the post. Kevin screamed in pain as his hand felt the full force of the hit, and Paul retreated, further asserting his dominance in the US title feud, to end the segment.

Logan Paul has revealed his ambition to become WWE World Champion several times. He has been the US Champion for 76 days and that might change soon as both he and Owens are in the matchcard for Royal Rumble 2024. Hall of Famer Mark Henry once compared Owen Hart and Logan Paul.

In a recent interview, Henry said, “He (Logan paul) looked like an Owen clone… Owen would steal the show every time. And he used to have that mentality. And, I talked about work ethic, he would have been hard press to find somebody to outwork one… Incredible. It’s historical reference of what pro wrestling is.”

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