Kurt Angle reacts to becoming “Meme Machine” after his viral TikTok video

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently became the subject of a trending meme, originating from a video introducing the Olympic Gold Medalist’s new TikTok account. At the end of the video, Angle was seen staring blankly at the camera in an awkward yet comedic manner.

In a recent episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, Angle shared his thoughts on this unexpected wave of attention. He spoke about how he feels about his face being used for humor purposes all over the internet.

Kurt Angle reacts to becoming a viral meme

Kurt Angle has suffered from various injuries and damage to his body throughout his wrestling career, which has made it challenging for him to continue the sport. Despite this, fans are still hopeful for his return to the ring. However, Angle has previously stated that he needs to undergo shoulder surgery to recover.

During his time in WWE and TNA, Kurt Angle was well-known for his humor and wit. This has resulted in several memes being created in his honor over the past few years. One particular meme that has become popular online features a video of Kurt Angle giving a peculiar stare. The meme is often used to showcase unfortunate events and is accompanied by humorous captions.

In a recent episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, the wrestler admitted that he doesn’t quite understand the meme and how it became so viral. He realized that he had become the subject of the joke in the meme.

“I don’t know why, like, I know that that video, you know, it’s kind of a weird-looking face, but for some strange reason everybody caught on and wanted to throw out some memes, and I was the butt of the joke, I guess,” said Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle reveals his reason for joining WWE

Kurt Angle has attributed his inspiration to pursue a career in wrestling to a WWE Hall of Famer. In 1996, Angle declined a 10-year contract offered by WWE, but he eventually signed with the company in 1998. He made remarkable progress and was promoted to the main roster by the end of the following year. Angle became a regular on WWE television and faced off against the biggest names in the company, eventually becoming the World Champion.

In a recent episode of his podcast, “The Kurt Angle Show,” the wrestling icon shared his memories of working with Stone Cold Steve Austin in late 2000, shortly after Austin’s recovery from a severe neck injury. Angle praised Austin, stating how much he had learned from the Texan wrestler during their collaboration.

“So he enabled me to help start; by letting my mind start, the motor in my head started moving. So this was good because Steve was teaching me how to structure matches and put matches together.”

“Because he could have done it all on his own, but he wanted me to do it too. And what he was doing was helping me learn. And that was a big asset. That’s why I loved working with Stone Cold and knowing that—but Steve was so good in the ring.” Kurt Angle added.

Angle reflected on his choice to join WWE back in 1998, stating that it was primarily due to Austin, who made the decision. As an Olympic gold medalist, it was an honor for him to work alongside Austin in person.

“It was a complete honor, again, to be in the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was so mesmerized when I got in the ring with the Rock, but when I got in the ring with Stone Cold—don’t forget, he’s the reason why I joined WWE, right? So I was like a superfan of Stone Cold. So it was a huge honor to be inside that ring with him,” Kurt further added.

What do you think of Kurt Angle’s new meme? Do you believe he’s good enough for meme material? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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