Viral Kurt Angle meme receives John Cena’s stamp of approval

The viral Kurt Angle meme is a trend that originated on TikTok in late 2023, based on a video of the professional wrestler Kurt Angle staring blankly into the camera. The video received millions of views and likes, but it was not until December that it became a meme template.

The video was posted by Angle himself on his TikTok account. The meme has spread across various social media platforms. Now, John Cena, the 16 time WWE World Champion joined the trend by posting the viral meme of Kurt Angle on his Instagram page.

John Cena jumps on the Kurt Angle meme bandwagon

The meme is also known as the Kurt Angle 1,000-Yard Stare, the Bald Guy Staring, or the Kurt Angle Thousand-Yard Stare. It resembles the Thousand-Yard Stare meme, which is based on a World War II-era painting of a traumatized soldier.

The meme showcases Angle’s unexpected facial expression, considering he is a former WWE champion and Olympic gold medalist. It has drawn attention to Angle’s wrestling career and achievements, as well as his current projects and endeavors.

Yesterday, a photo of the Kurt Angle stare was posted on John Cena’s Instagram page without any caption. Cena’s Instagram is a comedy gold mine unlike any other. In a world of carefully crafted online personas, John Cena’s Instagram is a breath of fresh air.

Kurt Angle wanted Cena as final opponent

Angle and Cena’s rivalry began in 2003, when Angle returned to WWE after a stint in TNA. Their matches were always intense and physical, with both men pushing each other to the limit. They battled over the WWE Championship on numerous occasions, and their rivalry culminated in a series of epic matches at WrestleMania.

In 2019, knowing his time in the ring was nearing its end, Angle approached Vince McMahon about facing Cena in his farewell match. Angle admitted that he preferred to confront John Cena over Baron Corbin, and recalled a discussion he had with Vince McMahon about it.

Angle said, “I asked Vince, ‘Hey, can I have John Cena? ‘Because I started his career. I think it’d be proper if he ended my career.’ Vince said, ‘No, you have Baron Corbin. You’ve been doing a program with him for six months. You have to continue. But if you want Cena, you can have it next year.’

Kurt Angle and John Cena
via WWE

He also said, ‘Well, I’m going to go this WrestleMania.’ And he said, ‘Well, then you’re going to wrestle Baron Corbin. Are you okay with that?’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ So I wasn’t able to get Cena, but he gave me the option.”

Ultimately, Angle respected McMahon’s decision and went on to face Corbin at WrestleMania 35. While the match wasn’t what fans were hoping for, it was a respectable send-off for Angle.

Even though they never had that final match, Angle and Cena’s rivalry remains one of the most iconic in WWE history. Their matches were brutal, their promos were electric, and their chemistry was undeniable.


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