Lil Wayne’s involvement in WrestleMania 40 revealed after invitation from Jey Uso

WWE WrestleMania 40 is gearing up to be the grandest event in sports entertainment history with more than just wrestling superstars on the bill. According to the latest and most exciting news, a few new celebrities will also join the guest list for this spectacular event.

American rapper Lil Wayne has unexpectedly agreed to attend WM 40 after Jey Uso’s invitation, making the already star-studded list even longer. He even teased to bring some extra excitement by debuting his latest single live at the event.

Lil Wayne accepts Jey Uso’s invitation to WM 40

WWE has just confirmed that American rapper Lil Wayne will be participating in WrestleMania 40, which will take place on April 6th and 7th at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Financial Field. The addition of Lil Wayne alongside Philly rapper Meek Mill will lend extra star power to the main event.

Jey Uso
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In a backstage segment on WWE Raw, Lil Wayne was spotted with Jey Uso, a former tag team champion who is now gearing up for a significant bout against his brother Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania. Jey extended an invitation to Lil Wayne to attend the event, only to discover that Lil Wayne had already planned to attend and even perform his most recent hit during the live broadcast

Lil Wayne is making time for WrestleMania, which is something that fans are quite excited about, although he has a very busy schedule with shows that are completely sold out around the nation. There is a possibility that he may even give a rap performance that will follow Jey Uso to the ring.

Lil’s friend Jey just had a fight with The Bloodline on Raw where The Rock tossed him like a trash bag. Despite that, he shared an image of his Bloodline family on his social media noting “favorite.”

Jey Uso shares backstage moment with Bloodline

The return of the Big Dog aka Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2020 sparked the Bloodline’s meteoric rise to WWE stardom. But one heartbreaking moment occurred when Jey Uso parted ways with the faction, feeling betrayed by his brother. Jey tries to keep his distance from the cruel Bloodline, but they are still like family to him, and he sometimes lets them in on his private moments.

Jey Uso
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When Jey Uso recently shared a picture with other Bloodline members on Instagram Stories, he went against his usual behavior and showed how attached he is with the group. But this personal connection could make it hard for Jey as he gets ready to meet his brother Jimmy at WrestleMania, a fight that their father is truly looking forward to.

Are you excited to watch the brother vs brother action on the year’s biggest WWE event? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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