Logan Paul confronts journalist over lying to him about Apple documentary

With his first championship victory against Rey Mysterio, Logan Paul has been making headlines in the wrestling world since last year. Even though his fights often end in debate, there’s no denying how skilled he is in the ring, especially with his hitting skills, which he promised to show in WrestleMania 40.

However, the YouTube star recently found himself in a different kind of fight online when his documentary series, “Impaulsive,” intended for Apple TV+, unexpectedly became available for free on YouTube.

Logan Paul left furious over journalist’s lie

WWE wrestlers often appear in their documentaries, which provide viewers with a glimpse into their personal lives. In a similar vein, Logan Paul teamed up with journalist Graham Bensinger to produce a documentary film charting his life, which is scheduled to make its premiere on Apple TV+. However, there was a major hiccup in the plan.

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Recently, Logan Paul was outraged to discover that Graham Bensinger had released the documentary for free on YouTube, despite their agreement to sell it to Apple TV+. Logan had feelings of frustration and betrayal as a result of this unexpected change of events.

Logan Paul claimed, “I thought he had my best interests in line, because I trusted this guy to do a profile on my life. I let him in for five months under the pretense that it was gonna be a show on Apple TV, and yesterday it airs on his YouTube channel….I didn’t sign up to be on Graham Bensigner’s personal YouTube channel.”

While Logan accused Bensigner of lying, the journalist revealed that Logan had requested to remove the CryptoZoo NFT project and the Japan “suicide forest” scandal from the final cut. This could have led to Apple TV+ pulling the plug on the project, leaving it to be released on YouTube instead.

Logan Paul discusses his CryptoZoo controversy

Amidst all the controversy surrounding his NFT project, CryptoZoo, YouTube sensation Logan Paul is finally addressing the drama surrounding his NFT project, CryptoZoo. In the recently released documentary “5 Months with Logan Paul,” Logan directly addresses the charges and argues that it was not a scam.

Premiering on March 27th, the documentary dives more beyond Logan’s typical social media highlights into his life. But a big chunk of the story is CryptoZoo and Graham Besinger talking about how the NFT project failed and what happened afterward.

Logan Paul
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Besinger disclosed that Paul’s participation resulted in financial losses for several individuals, to which Maverick admitted that there was some truth to the statement but denied that there were any purposeful lies. He revealed his personal losses, stating, “I didn’t make any fucking money, bro. I’ve lost half a million dollars on this. Where is the scam?” 

In addition, Paul discussed the negative impact the project had on his mental health, admitting to experiencing suicidal thoughts for the first time. Confessing his zero knowledge about the project, the 28-year-old noted, “Everything you just said has an element of truth to it. Here’s the problem. What you just described isn’t a scam. I took on a project that I was simply incapable of handling at the time.

What is your take on Logan Paul’s confession about the CryptoZoo project? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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